I Really Can’t Wait For 2015

Hey Thrill Seekers,

So as you may already know from reading a previous blog of mine, I am going to Orlando next year!! I am so excited I just cannot wait! There is so much I’m looking forward to this time around! The first time I went, I didn’t really know what I was looking for or what to expect. The second time around I sort of knew what was there and a little bit of what to do however now I work at Orlando Attraction Tickets I know so much more about what’s out there than I could possibly need to! I will be chief planner for my family holiday!

I cannot contain my excitement for the Hogwart’s Express. This is an amazing idea! Whoever came up with this one is incredible! I am a bit of a Harry Potter geek, I love it! I’ve wanted to go to Harry Potter World in London for so long but it looks like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal has just taken number 1 spot on my list of things to do. I have done plenty of research into this attraction and the more I read about it, the more I want to do it! The amount of detail that I can only imagine that they have put into this is just incredible.


The Hogwart’s Express replicates the train journey taken by young Wizards to and from Hogwarts just like the journey taken by Harry Potter in the books and films. There are 2 trains, 1 travels from platform 9 ¾  at ‘Kings Cross Station’ in Diagon Alley (Universal Studios) to ‘Hogsmeade Station’ in Hogsmeade (Universal Islands of Adventure). The second train runs the opposite way, both with a completely different ride experience. This attraction is so big that it can take up to 200 passengers at a time!

If you’re a King Kong lover you will love the fact that Skull Island is rumoured to be coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure! Again, we’re not too sure on what to expect from this but as the rumours go, we should expect to be running away from King Kong himself! Scary stuff!

What else am I fan of? Frozen! Much to my disappointment the Frozen attraction at Disney’s Epcot hasn’t actually opened yet 🙁 but I guess I’ll have to just take this as something else to look forward to next year! We don’t really know what exactly this attraction is going to be so I’ll just have to wait in suspense for a little while longer! I just hope it’s open by the time I get there!

Of course I am eager to ride Falcons Fury! I mean who isn’t?! If you don’t already know about Falcons Fury, it’s the newest attraction at Busch Gardens, standing at 335 feet high. It holds you at the top at a 90 degree angle before you are dropped to the bottom! WOW! I can’t wait to just get there so I can come back and tell you all about it!!


There is nothing better than sitting down with your family at SeaWorld to watch One Ocean! This is a phenomenal show; there is nothing else like it! I still can’t get to grips with how you could possibly train a whale to do exactly what you want it to do! Blue Horizons is another show at SeaWorld full with exciting tricks from dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats! Both years that I’ve visited Orlando I have watched both of these shows! It never gets old and I just hope they release that they are showing these again next year!

Rumours that Disney are set to build a new Star Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios in the summer of 2015 won’t go away! No concrete details have been released but Jamie took some time out last year to speculate on what could be available at a Star Wars Land.

An attraction catching a lot of people’s attention is the new Pandora land from Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I have not seen the film all the way through however Disney’s ideas for Pandora are looking immense! It all lights up of a night time turning Pandora into somewhere magical. We still don’t know much about this attraction as Disney like to keep exact details very close to their chest but we believe it will open in 2017! They are definitely keeping us in suspense with this one!

Which attractions are you looking forward to most?

Smiles included…