Universal Confirm Chance For Halloween Horror Nights 26

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Last night we saw a little teaser from Universal about the return of an icon to Halloween Horror Nights, today we’ve got confirmation that Jack the Clowns girlfriend, Chance, will be gracing us with her presence at HHN26.


Lets see what Universal had to say;

Everyone loved the return of Jack, so do we bring him back again?

But we quickly realized we had a unique opportunity to elevate someone from “deadly sidekick” into “event icon”—Chance!

Last year for HHN25 one of Universal’s most iconic characters made his return, Jack the Clown is considered Universals best original IP and his return was greeted with much glee but with all good things too much is not good for you… So instead of giving us more Jack, there going to give us more Chance.

Here’s how Chance will fit in;

The aftermath of the carnage is still fresh and Chance finds herself incarcerated for the crimes of last year. With the “Jack in the Box” on an evidence shelf somewhere waiting for someone to turn the crank once more, Chance bides her time within her cell.

But this is not a tragedy for her. This prison is a toy box. It’s within the confines of her cell that she enters her horrific “theatre of the mind”. She knows that the acts committed inside her mind will manifest in the real. Both equally deranged and gothically beautiful.


So, we have two very distinct states of mind for Chance—as well as two distinct looks. Terror itself, ripped in half… the shockingly real and the grotesquely imagined. This is an evolved Chance taking her rightful place atop Halloween Horror Nights.


Chance joins The Walking Dead, The Exorcist and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for HHN26. You can purchase Halloween Horror Nights tickets at Orlando Attraction Tickets…if you’re brave enough!

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Halloween Horror Nights Release Directors Cut Video

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Yesterday Universal released their TV ad for the up coming Halloween Horror Nights event. We’re lucky enough to have access to the Directors Cut…

Check it out here;

Also Universal released this interesting interview with Troy Scillian, Executive Creative Director who helped put the TV ad together.

Tell me about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights commercial.
First, working with psychotic killers and a small horde of undead requires extra focus. For the most part, this was manageable as the “talent” were in cages most of the time and the crew stayed behind a protective barrier.

How was working with the undead?
Well, they are inherently not great actors. They just do what they do—try to bite everyone. If it weren’t for our professional wranglers, we never would have gotten the shots we needed. I don’t know how this happened, but we ended up with three more undead and three less production assistants than we started with.

What was it like working with Jack the Clown?
Jack was heavily involved in the development of the script, the location details and even selected our young couple. (We’re not sure where he got them; he just brought them to the set.) The couple were great actors. Very method. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling they remained in character and stayed genuinely terrified


What is Jack like as a person?
Jack has none of the attitude you’d expect with many celebrities. Our director brought his son, Brandon, to the set and Jack graciously offered to show up for Brandon’s fifth birthday party. He’s just that kind of guy.

How about Chance?
Jack and Chance’s relationship has been well documented in the tabloids, so I won’t go into any of that nonsense. On set, they were nothing but professional. It was Chance’s idea to play a game with the young couple by putting them on the wheel. Jack just kept yelling, “Stop playing with your food.” Then he and Chance would laugh. I never got the joke.

Interesting fact: Jack and Chance don’t require make-up—that saved us a lot of time and money.

Tickets can still be purchased for the event at Orlando Attraction Tickets

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Orlando Attraction Tickets

Jack The Clown Returns At Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 25

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As we reported yesterday Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights have indeed revealed some information about this years event.

Officially there will be;

  • 9 Houses
  • 5 Scare Zones
  • 2 Shows

9 Houses represent the most Universal have ever put on, they’ve confirmed via twitter that they are employing the largest number of scare actors ever and its running for the most for the most amount of nights ever…

But there’s something even BIGGER…. For as long as I’ve been covering Halloween Horror Nights fans have been desperate for the return of one very special clown and this year on the 25th anniversary Universal are going to give the people exactly what they want! (Be careful what you wish for?)

Universal confirmed via this statement and video (below) the return of Jack.

Jack the Clown will make his triumphant (and twisted) return to present the biggest and scariest Halloween Horror Nights® ever, select nights from September 18th through November 1st.

In a blog post covering the return of Jack, Michael Aiello the sicko behind HHN said;

Jack made an impression, no doubt. So much so that, to this day, fans stop us and exclaim passionately, “Bring Jack back!! He’s my favorite!! He is Horror Nights!”

That statement really says it all… Jack is Horror Nights.

Among all the characters that have headlined Halloween Horror Nights over the last 25 years, Jack represents the event in the purest way possible—he is the embodiment of all the tricks and the treats. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’re bringing him back for this year’s historic event.


We’ll keep you updated when Universal release more information.

You can purchase tickets for Universals Halloween Horror Nights from as little as £66 at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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Universal To Release Halloween Horror Nights Information Tomorrow?

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Nothing makes me more happy than Halloween Horror Nights news… and as it’s been over a year since I had any news to offer; I’m getting desperate!

So this post is a bit of a no news…news.. story… via their twitter feed Halloween Horror Nights released this video teaser.

Now we’ll find out more tomorrow, but two things spring to mind for me.

Number 1 “The Nightmare Returns”, could this be A Nightmare on Elms street related? Perhaps a house including Freddie Kruger?

Or secondly, the return of a Halloween Horror Nights legend… Jack the Clown?


What do you think? The only thing that’s for sure is we’ll find out more tomorrow.

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Halloween Horror Nights 25 Dates Plus Video Advert

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It may not even be Easter yet but our attention is already turning towards the frights and screams of Halloween…

Today Universal Orlando confirmed that Halloween Horror Nights 25 (HHN25) will run from Sept 18th to November 1st, making this years HHN25 the longest ever run.

Full details haven’t been released yet but generally Universal like to drip feed us information, however what they have released is this video advert for the event.

Although we don’t have a lot of information the advert does seem to suggest the return of a Universal legend… Jack The Clown…



We’ll keep you posted when Universal officially release the pricing for UK residence.

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