Help Name Baby Killer Whale At SeaWorld Orlando

As we reported on our Baby Killer Whale Born At SeaWorld and Its A Boy – SeaWorld Reveals Sex of Killer Whale posts, SeaWorld have a new Killer Whale to name and what better way then to allow us, the public, to help name it.

We consider each of you to be part of our family. And that’s why we want to share a special moment with you – choosing the name for our new baby killer whale.

The little guy – born on October 9 – is getting bigger by the day. Fully grown, he’ll tip the scales at 10,000 lbs.

The names you can pick from are

  1. Nico – Greek for “victory of the people”
  2. Makaio – Hawaiian for “gift of God”
  3. Haruki – Japanese for “shining brightly”

The only way to vote is to visit the SeaWorld fan page on facebook. Personally I’m voting for Nico, reminds me of that Steven Seagal film.