Now That Disney Own Star War’s What Could We See At A Star Wars Land?

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

As we reported last month, Disney have opened their substantial wallets to purchase LucasFilms for $4.05 Billion not only do Disney now own the rights to Howard the Duck but they also own Star Wars.

Straight off the bat Disney confirmed they have plans to make 3 new Star War’s movies the first due for release in 2015! So obviously this has got us dreaming here of a Star Wars Land at the Magic Kingdom and what it might entail, here’s our wish list.

X-Wing Simulator

3d motion rides are all the rage at the moment think Forbidden Journey, Transformers 3d etc, imagine a 3d motion ride where the rider takes on the part of young Luke Skywalker taking charge of a rebel attack on the death star! It seems almost too perfect!

Speeder Coaster

Similar to air in the UK, this coaster set in the Ewok’s forrest, is all about speed. Sit back grab hold and prepare for Spppppeeeeeeeedddddd…..


The most famous ship in all of Star Wars is of course the Millennium Falcon; what always stuck out for me was when Han Solo would set the ship in to Hyperspeed using the Hyperdrive. A coaster similar to Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens with multiple launch platforms would give that feeling of hyperspeed but as its in space the action would take please indoors similar to Rock N’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s.


The Battle of Hoth is one of most memorable encounters in Star Wars, imagine a Simpson’s style attraction which puts you bang in the heart of all the action!?


On top of the possibility of these great rides, we’d expect some amazing Jedi lead show’s with acrobatics and plenty of light sabre sword play. For the little one’s we’d want numerous Jedi schools to teach the Padawan the ways of the Force. Perhaps some kind of droid workshop similar to make your own teddy bear!?

These are of course just our idea’s…. What would you like to see if Disney do indeed build Star War’s Land?



smiles included… 🙂