How To Use The Countdown Feature On The OAT iPhone App

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Last month we launched version 2.2 of the Orlando Attraction Tickets app, one of the updates concerned our popular Countdown feature. We basically added some more measurements and the ability to move the units around.

What I thought I’d do is just run through how to use the countdown feature so you can all get sharing and make your friends jealous.

Step 1 – Open up the app and click on Countdown in the header.

12697338_10156789776565643_8160718585986853996_oStep 2 – Click on “where are you going?” and amend the text to whatever title you’d like your countdown to be called, mines imaginatively called Orlando.


Step 3 – Next up enter the date you’ll be departing the UK. This date will be used to work out the countdown measurements.


Step 4 – next its time to pick the image to set your countdown to, you can either select a picture from your own camera roll or one from the OAT gallery.


In this example I selected an image from the OAT gallery.


Step 5 – Now its time to select your countdown measurement… as you can see I’ve select the amount of Butterbeers left to drink.



Step 6 – Now you can start the countdown, on this page you’ll be able to position your title and measurements to where ever you want them to appear.


Stage 7 – Get sharing your countdown on your social networks and make those friends of yours totally jealous.


So there we have it, a complete guide to making your friends green with envy… and we love green here.

You can download the OAT app from the app store by searching “Orlando Attraction Tickets”

Smiles included…


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Version 2.2 Of The OAT App Is Now Live

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Version 2.2 of the Orlando Attraction Tickets app is now available to upgrade or download from the app store. We had a slight disaster with version 2.0 which was released yesterday (26/01/16) for a short time but this new version has squished all those nasty bugs.

OAT app

What you can expect from version 2.2

  • Well we’ve made it compatible for IOS 9 and ironed out a couple of bugs, we squished them real good.
  • We’ve added a link to our amazing blog, for all the latest news, rumors and offers in the world of Orlando theme parks. Have a read you’ll love it! (not guaranteed)
  • We’ve added the ability to leave a £10 per person deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure. Yeeey!!!!
  • In “Snap” we’ve added the ability to alter the font you write in and the size.
  • We’ve also added the ability to create a 4 second gif via Snap to share with your mates and make them totally jealous…
  • In “Countdown” you can now reposition your title and countdown unit.
  • We’ve also added a few new theme park related measurements…

One of the new features is the ability to create a 4 second .gif using our snap feature to make your friends even more jealous.

Here’s one we made of Falcon’s Fury.

I’ll go through other new additions in the next couple of days but for now get yourself over to the app store either via your mobile by searching Orlando Attraction Tickets or click here.

Smiles included…


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Day 10 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios And Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We’re up to Day 10 now of Louise’s Florida holiday. Each day she’s been sending us Snap’s using the OAT iPhone app and I’ve got to say I’ll miss them when she returns in a few days time.

If you haven’t been following her holiday here’s what you’ve missed;

Day 10 was a double whammy for Louise who hit Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the day and at night braved Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.


As you’ll know if you read Louise’s post before she left for Orlando she was quite worried about HHN25, however she was delighted to tell me that one of her party did cry and it wasn’t her!!! We’re making progress 🙂

Louise took these snaps using the Orlando Attraction Tickets app which you can download from the app store or by clicking here.

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets

Day 9 – Animal Kingdom

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Louise is reaching the end of her holiday and I’ll be gutted not to wake up each morning to a new Snap. Louise has been documenting her holiday by using the Orlando Attraction Tickets app, one of the features called Snap allows users to create a framed photo (as shown below) and add a caption.

Day 9 and Louise spent her time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, she was really excited about riding Expedition Everest® and getting soaked on Kali River Rapids®.


Louise’s next stop is the one I’ve been looking forward to most…. Halloween Horror Nights!!!

You can see Louise’s other Snaps here;

You can download the OAT app directly from the app store by searching Orlando Attraction Tickets or by clicking here

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets

Day 8 – Shopping

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We’ve been asking Louise to send us a daily Snap of her holiday for just over a week now. Its all been part of the launch of our new iPhone app which as well as allowing our customers to purchase tickets, discover information about the parks and set a holiday countdown it also allows you to take and share Snaps.

You can view Louise’s other Snaps here;


After two rest days Louise was ready to hit the parks again, unfortunately Florida had other idea’s and sent the rain… So poor Louise had to go shopping! As you can imagine  she was devastated 😉

Personally I’d I’ve popped on my blue poncho and headed down to Islands of Adventure… but hey each to their own. 🙂 You can download the Orlando Attraction Tickets App directly from iTunes or by searching for us in the app store.

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets

Day 4 – Magic Kingdom

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Recently we launched our very first app for the iPhone, it happened to coincide with our very own Louise’s holiday to the sunshine state. So we asked her nicely if she would use one of the app’s features Snap, to make a visual diary of her holiday.

She’s already sent us Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 but for self proclaimed Disney Nut, Day 4 was the one she was looking forward to the most.


A classic Snap in front of Cinderella’s Castle and Day 4’s Snap is done and dusted.

You can download the app by searching “Orlando Attraction Tickets” in the app store or by clicking here.

Day 5 is a visit to Busch Gardens! Will Louise be able to face Falcon’s Fury or will she bottle it like Kelly?

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets

Day 2 – Universal Studios

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As you may have seen from Day 1 our very own Louise is in Orlando at the moment soaking up the rays and getting a quick adrenaline boost at some of the World’s best theme and water parks.

Each day while in Florida Louise will be posting a Snap of her day via the Orlando Attraction Tickets app. The Snap feature is one of the unique options offered in our new iPhone app.


As you can see Louise spent an unusual amount of time in Diagon Alley taking in the atmosphere and of course Dragon watching! I asked Louise what she though of the area and she was blown away by the level of detail. Louise had planned just two days to do both Universal parks but is now frantically rearranging her plan to fit a couple more days in, in her own words…

There’s just so much going on, I definitely missed a lot of stuff. I need to go back if only to drink another Butterbeer.

I’m loving Louise’s updates and can’t wait for tomorrows Snap. You can download the OAT iPhone app by visiting the app store and searching Orlando Attraction Tickets alternatively you can click here.

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets

How To Snap With The Orlando Attraction Tickets App

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we officially launched our first ever app. It also appears to be the first app released by a UK Florida Attraction Tickets specialist! Yey!!!

Today I thought I’d run you through one of the features on the app that we call “Snap“. Snap’s main function is to make your friends and family super jealous through the medium of photography. It’s also a nice way to keep a polaroid style gallery of your holiday.

Step 1 – Click on the Snap Button in the navigation bar.


You have the option to either select a picture from your photo gallery or Snap a picture from the app. For this demo I select a picture from my gallery.

Step 2 – Once selected you can then frame your picture within the snap window.


Step 3 – Pick a filter. Give your Snap some extra spice by selecting one of our sexy filters.


Step 4 – Now you can write a cheeky little caption, these can be designed to make your friends jealous like “Wish you were here…” or descriptive as per my Snap below.


Step 5 – Time to share it and start collecting all those retweets and likes.


Here’s my finished Snap;


So there we have it, my guide to taking the perfect Snap on our new iPhone app. You can download the app from the apple store for free by clicking here –

Or by typing Orlando Attraction Tickets in to the search facility on your phone.

We’d love any feedback you have on the app either via our facebook page or by emailing us at

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets


Orlando Attraction Tickets Releases iPhone App

Hey Thrill Seekers,

For months now the nerds at OAT towers have been locked in room being kept alive on a diet of Pringles and Um Bongo building the best app in the WORLD!!! Ok some of that is a slight exaggeration….they can buy their own Pringles!!

I am happy to announce though that all their hard work has paid off, yesterday Apple confirmed that the Orlando Attraction Tickets App is now live and available to download for free straight from the app store. Yeeeey!!!

Here’s the blurb;

“The (OAT) app places Florida’s most popular theme parks at your finger tips. From Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld to lesser known experiences like airboat rides and dinner shows the OAT app offers great ticket options, low prices and secure booking on your iPhone.


OAT offers;
Real, gate ready tickets*
Free delivery within the UK
We never charge a credit or debit card fee.


A holiday to Florida is something to shout about, the OAT app gives you two options to make your friends jealous.

Countdown – Set a holiday countdown using either your own pictures or the OAT gallery, set a countdown unit from days to big sleeps to even heartbeats then share away and see their faces turn green!
Snap – Take a cheeky photo while you’re at the parks, add a caption and then share it with your friends. Imagine their faces turning green when they see your holiday snap.”

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 1

We’d love for iPhone users to download it and tell us what they think. I’ll be back with more posts over the next few days explaining some of the features.

Smiles included…


Orlando Attraction Tickets