Orlando Attraction Tickets Nominated For A British Travel Award

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Good news, for the 3rd year running we’ve been nominated for a British Travel Award. The British Travel Awards are the travel equivalent of the Oscar’s so as you can imagine we’re delighted!

Unlike the Oscars winners are determined by the public. If you’d be so kind we’d love you to vote for us; here’s how it works;

1) Visit www.britishtravelawards.com


2) Click on the vote button in the header

3) Click on “Who provides the best additional holiday services”



4) Click on “Best holiday attraction ticket/excursion provider”

5) Then click on “Orlando Attraction Tickets”



6) Hit “submit votes”

7) Relax in the knowledge that you are awesome!

Now not only are you officially awesome but you’ll also be entered into the Voters Prize Draw which is always packed full of awesome prizes. – http://britishtravelawards.com/prize_chest.php

Thanks very much for your help.

Smiles included…