Planning & Zonal Board Votes Against SkyPlex

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Its almost a year since we first started talking about SkyPlex and its plans to build the Worlds Tallest Roller Coaster.  The complex which is looking to build on I-Drive and Sand Lake Road came up against its first real opposition yesterday when it lost a Planning & Zonal vote by 4-3.

The SkyPlex project came up against opposition from local residence and Comcast, owners of Universal Resort Orlando who cited the height of the coaster as the main issue. Although it appears the residence and Comcast are happy for the project to go forward in principle they feel the height of SkyScraper needs to fit in with the local community, to prevent impacting the life of neighbourhoods in a negative way.


Managing principal for the SkyPlex Project, Joshua Wallack can out fighting as you’d expect and stated to the Orlando Sentinel;

We will not be bullied by Universal Studios; we will not be bullied by Comcast. We will not be pushed around. They will not win. We will win.

It’s simply because they don’t want us to have the world’s tallest roller coaster which will draw people to it.

Comcast weren’t the only people though to object to the proposal, local residence had written a letter objecting to the project and A city of Orlando official also weighed in, urging caution.

Although the SkyPlex has lost this initial vote the full proposal will still go to the county commissioners who will have final approval.

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New Video Of Skyscraper

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Whenever we hear any news relating to the World’s tallest roller coaster we’re on it like a  car bonnet…


Check out this new video and prepare to get really excited 🙂

Skyscraper will be built on the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road. Skyscraper won’t just be a stand alone attraction but has also been designed to include upscale arcading, simulators, rock climbing, bars, restaurants, retail and an observation deck which will offer panoramic views of Orlando from 535 feet up! Plus the World’s tallest drop ride called SkyFall.

Skyscraper will last an amazing 4 minutes and will travel at speeds of up to 45mph and will include sudden drops, corkscrews and of course the sheer feeling of being 500 feet in the air!

We’ll keep you updated the more we hear. 🙂

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