What Do You Do If You Are Stuck On A Roller Coaster?

Hi Thrill Seekers,

What do you do if you are stuck on a Roller Coaster?

Here’s a few tips to help stay calm in the event you’re ever stuck on a ride, whether it’s a dark ride or a roller coaster.

  • Don’t panic – Panic and you’ll make the situation worse. Don’t scream for help because you’re wasting your breath. The ride operators know you are out there and they will bring you down whether the ride can be restarted or not.
  • Think positive – You aren’t alone. You’re probably stuck with your friends, so chat about things to get your mind off the fact you’re stuck and to make time pass by.
  • Pay attention – If you do get evacuated from the ride, follow the employee’s directions. If the employee tells you to remain seated until they get to your seat, don’t stand up.
  • Stay cool – Once you’re off the ride and back on the ground, chances are the park will give you something to “reimburse” you for the time you were stuck on the ride, however it’s not a guarantee.
  • Keep a level head and don’t blow up and blame the employees because you got stuck. Mechanical shut downs happen all the time.

We hope you never get stuck on a coaster but its always handy to know what to do.



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