Does Size Matter In Florida?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I’ll put my hands up! The title of this post is slightly misleading and may have been a (not so) clever way of getting you to click on the link to read my beautiful words. As regular readers will know I love a good coaster, the thrills, the twists and most importantly the drops!

Today’s post is about all things big, we’re looking at the tallest coasters in Florida. Here’s our top 5.

1) Falcon’s Fury

The current Daddy of them all. Falcon’s Fury stands at a whooping 335 feet tall. Its so tall that Busch Garden employees have counted numerous people who have bottled riding the beast based purely on standing next to it. Our own Kelly being one of them!

Check out Olympian Tom Daley taking on Falcon’s Fury

2) SheiKra

So you might need a little warm up to ride Falcon’s Fury, well Busch Garden’s has a little warm up ride for you. SheiKra known for it hanging drop is pretty small compared to Falcon’s Fury at a mere 200 feet tall it looks tiny compared to the beast but believe me when you’re sat on it dangling over the 200 foot drop it seems pretty big!


3) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

You can’t forget Disney when you’re looking at tall attractions. The Twilight Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is known for its story as much as its adrenaline rush but we can’t forget that this monster stands at a whooping 199 feet tall.

Don’t have a large lunch before riding, cos trust me you’ll end up leaving it behind.


4) Dr Doom’s Fear Fall

Universal have been pretty quiet on this top 5 but they come in strong at the end by claiming the final two places. The first being their popular reverse drop ride Dr Dooms Fear Fall. Found at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the Super Hero Island area Dr Doom’s Fear Fall stands at an impressive 185 feet tall!

dr dooms fear fall

5) Rip Ride Rockit

Personally one of my favourite rides, you can find this beauty taking up the majority of the skyline at Universal Studios. This ride is mostly known as the “pick your song” ride but often forgotten is the 167 foot drop right at start of the ride…

A sneakily tall ride that is up there with the best.


So there we have it our top 5 Tall rides, where size really does matter!!…

Hey but what’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Yep it really is… Due to smash all records in 2016 or perhaps 2017 (not quite sure yet) is the Skyscraper, set to stand at an amazing 500 feet tall it will instantly become the tallest coaster in the World!!!



Smiles included…