Universal Confirm Interactive Wands For Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Last year we wrote a post about how we hoped Universal would add interactive wands to Diagon Alley. Well today Universal have confirmed via a video featuring the Weasley’s that their new style wands will offer you the chance to cast spells.

The wands can be purchased at either Ollivanders shops (Hogmeade or Diagon Alley) and allow the wizard to interact with storefronts in both Wizarding Worlds.

When you purchase your wand you’ll also be supplied with a map, on this map you’ll find markers that will lead you to every location that offers interaction. You’ll also see bronze medallions embedded into the streets that mark the various shop windows where you can cast spells.


Here are some of the location we know about;

  • With a simple swish and flick, you can levitate a feather quill at Scribbulus…
  • Use a Silencing Charm to quiet the maddening song of the Fwooper bird at Magical Menagerie…
  • And light all the lamps and chandeliers in Flimflam’s Lanterns window…

Watch this video below to see the Weasley’s test out the new interactive wands.

A great addition to the Wizarding World. Universal are really pulling all the stops out for what looks to be Orlando’s best 2 park option.

Smiles included..