Universal Orlando Launches Park Wide Free WiFi

Hey Thrill Seekers,

For us here at Orlando Attraction Tickets free WiFi in theme parks is a no brainer. So much so that we wrote this post back in December pushing the advantages of free WiFi.

We are delighted to hear that today Universal Orlando have announced that their parks now offer free XFINITY WiFi, so now you can post that picture straight to instagram of you messed up roller coaster hair or use a messaging service to rendezvous with a friend at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure without impact your data plan!


On top of this, although not available in the UK yet, Universal also announced they were launching their own app. Which they state will not only enhance guests visits but also offers first in the industry GPS leveraging allowing visitors to navigate around the park quickly and easily. It will also feature ride wait times which we believe is only available if you’re inside the park.

Here’s the video announcement;

Here’s what the app can do;

  • Check ride, show and attraction wait times when you’re inside the parks
  • Explore the parks using detailed maps and photo navigation with the “Guide Me” feature
  • Customize your park experience using filtered lists and the map to plan your day
  • Create your own favorites list
  • Stay up-to-date with in-park notifications
  • Discover hidden surprises throughout the parks

I would imagine that this is the first incarnation of the app and over the coming months we’ll see this evolve into a more innovative platform.

Smiles included…