5 Marvel Characters I’d Like To See Feature At Theme Parks

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Ever since Disney got its huge wallet out and purchased Marvel, the1972359_10153924287435643_1118761610_n internet has been awash with thoughts on how Disney will use Marvels almost endless list of popular IP’s.

The major stumbling block of course is that Universal have the rights to quite a few of the major IP’s for use in Florida including Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and Storm. Not surprisingly Disney would love these rights back… again not surprisingly Universal aren’t really keen to give them back. So what we’re left with is a bit of a Mexican standoff. Universal are unable to add or make any changes to their Marvel Super Hero Land at Islands of Adventure without permission from Marvel, who of course owned by Disney are really going to oblige and Disney can’t take full advantage of a niche area that, at the moment, is very popular.

However that doesn’t stop me from think about a few characters from Marvel’s library that I’d love to see brought to life and featured at an Orlando Theme Park.


Forget that terrible Daredevil film, this character is one of Marvels gems. Matt Murdock was Marvel’s very first blind superhero, using his heightened other senses, he looks after New Yorks, Hell’s Kitchen area.

As an attraction I’m thinking an indoor dark roller coaster would be best suited for the Man without Fear.


Again, forget the films… Ghost Rider when done properly is one of Marvel’s coolest anti-heros. A real Jekyll and Hyde character, the first Ghost Rider is a demon that inhabits Johnny Blaze (a stunt motorbike rider) and appears as a hell’s angel type biker but with a flaming skull for a head.

I’m imagining a ride similar to Stealth at Thorpe Park in the UK, a very fast 0-60 mph take off (like the Hulk) then a sharp rise simulating the a motorbike jumping over some cars. A fast, intense ride for the Demon Motorcyclist.

Ant Man

This character is not the best known in the Marvel Universe but he soon will be, as Marvel are planning to release a stand alone film telling his origins.

Ant Man is the story of brilliant Scientist Henry Pym, who finds a way to alter his size after discovering “Pym Particles”, he also has a helmet that lets him talk to ants (as you do). In the comic’s he is one of the founding members of the Avengers.

For me an Ant Man attraction is perfect for the wave of 3d rides we’ve been seeing. Telling the story of one of Pym’s adventures you could easily imagine the attraction giving you the sense of shrinking and growing…. plus riding on a flying ant.

Captain America

I’m surprised there isn’t a Captain America ride in Florida already. The most patriotic of all the Marvel Super Heroes, Captain America is hugely popular and recognisable not only that but he’s in films that actually don’t suck, which is a massive advantage he has over Daredevil and Ghost Rider.

I see the Captain America ride as something for the kids, perhaps just a very simply waltzer style ride where riders sit in or on a larger version of Captain America’s shield.


A massive part of the Avengers film and two of his own, Thor is very popular, based on the Norse God of Thunder he lends himself perfectly to a high speed coaster.

There we have it, 5  Marvel Characters I’d like to see given attractions and amazingly I didn’t even include Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, I can see Rocket Racoon selling merchandise by the millions!

Are there any Marvel Characters I’ve missed off that you’d like to see given the Disney theme park treatment?

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