Bit More Info About Ihu’s Breakaway Falls At Aquatica Orlando

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Its not only the theme parks that are launching new attractions this year the water parks are too, and one that’s captured our imaginations is Aquatica’s Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Billed as the Tallest, Steepest, Longest and only multi person drop side in the southern United States visitors can expect to ride this beast from May the 9th.

Aquatica has dropped little hints here and there regarding what we can expect but nothing really definitive, that was until now. Today Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President Bryan Nadeau revealed some additional information via this video;

From what we’ve seen here, riders will start in a standing position inside 3 clear breakaway boxes. None of the participants will know which box will open first adding to the excitement.

When the box does open riders will drop an initial 40 foot at an almost 80 degree angle. They will then hit 1 of 4, 360 degree spiral tubes until they emerge at the bottom.

Don’t know about you but that sounds pretty freaky.

Smiles included…



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