BREAKING: Theme Parks Introduce ‘Foot Scan’ Entry System

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Theme park ticket fraud is BIG business and it is said to cost park owners approximately $100 million per year in lost sales. In a bid to actively ‘stamp out’ fraudulent ticket practices a brand new Foot Identification Scanning Hardware, or F.I.S.H as its currently being called by industry insiders,  has today been introduced at ALL major Orlando Theme Parks.


But why do we need a new security measures in place when many park owners are currently using biometric finger print scanners to identify ticket users?

Heel, the company that manufactures the Foot Identification Scanning Hardware says

Fingerprint scanning has been around for a long time but it is only around 78% accurate due to high volumes of obscured scans. Many customers fingers are accidentally smeared by things like chocolate from Snickers bars or a blob of peanut butter from a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Whilst we agree that they are both tasty snacks, its not helping park owners combat fraud.

However, we have the solution! Our F.I.S.H system uses a high-tech complex pressure mapping systems that offers theme parks a chance to increase customer identification accuracy to around 99% and, more importantly, very few people actually eat snacks with their feet so the chance of obscuring the scan is extremely minimal

How will this system actually work?

According to a theme park spokesperson

The system will work in conjunction to biometric fingerprint scanning. The customer will first have to scan their park ticket, then scan their finger print and then take off their shoes and socks and scan their foot. The whole process will take as little as 16 minutes to complete – this estimate is obviously dependent on how complex the customers foot wear is. For instance a flip flop will take considerably less time than a pair of large Dr Martins lace-up boots


The theme park spokesperson continued

This may seem like an extreme measure but it is one that we hope, in time, will eventually help reduce ticket prices. We also hope that customers wash their feet before they arrive at the parks as a strict ‘no cheese’ policy will be in place. We are confidant that not only will the system reduce fraud, but it will also enhance our customers experience by limiting the influx of smelly parmesan encrusted feet that have previously entered the parks unmonitored!

All the major parks have been busy rolling out the technology and any Orlando Attraction Tickets customers entering the parks from today will be expected to use their feet to enter the parks.

We look forward to seeing this revolutionary new fraud system in action.

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