Busch Gardens Falcon Fury To Open On May 1st 2014

Hey Thrill Seekers,

One of the most exciting attractions pencilled in to a jam packed 2014falconsfuryopen is Busch Gardens, Falcon Fury. The 335 foot drop ride has almost been talked about as much as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley!

Drop rides are nothing new but in true Busch Gardens tradition this is no normal drop ride. Riders (victims) are slowly taken up the full 300 foot plus, dwarfing even the might Sheikra… when they reach the top, the riders position is then shifted to a 90 degree angle! That’s right… you’ll be facing the ground! If that wasn’t terrifying enough the on board computer randomises the drop moment, varying between 2-5 seconds so every ride has the potential to be unique.

Not only is the ride a first in Florida, Busch Gardens are also the first of the major theme parks to announce the opening date for their star draw. Falcons Fury will be available to ride on the 1st May 2014, I’m expecting social media platforms to go mental on the first day as riders post their screams in 140 characters.

I’m so excited about this ride I could burst!

Smiles included…




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