Check Out These New Images Of Busch Gardens Cobra’s Curse

Hey Thrill Seekers,

At least once every hour I look outside my office window and think… I wish I was in Florida… Well today I doubly wish I was there as IAAPA kicked off just a couple of hours ago.

IAAPA is the largest international trade association for amusement parks, attractions, and other leisure and family entertainment facilities. Basically its where all the cool attractions, coasters and rides get displayed to the industry. It’s pretty much my equivalent of a “kid in a candy shop”.

The real interest for us was an update on Cobra’s Curse, the spinning family coaster set to open at Busch Gardens Tampa next year. The company who are building the coaster, Mack Rides, took the opportunity to reveal a great looking model of the coaster.

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What this model shows us

  • Did you notice the “outward-banked turn” that puts riders perilously close to the jaws of the monstrous, 80-foot-tall statue of the snake king Venymyss?
  • Wondering what that tower is? Each train is lifted vertically, to a height of 70 feet!
  • During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph, spinning backward, forward and then freely
  • Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution.

I can’t wait to be able to ride Cobra’s Curse, 2016 looks like its going to be a great year to head to Florida.

Smiles included…


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3 Replies to “Check Out These New Images Of Busch Gardens Cobra’s Curse”

    1. Hi Mr Jester,

      It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet and I’d imagine Busch Gardens will only announce it when they’re 100% sure of a date to avoid replicating the disappointment of Falcon Fury’s launch.
      If I was to place a bet I’d say late April early May.



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