Is Universal Ready To Take On Disney?

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

For as long as I can remember Disney has been the undisputed king of Orlando, regularly topping the global rankings for theme park attendance but could this be about to change?

Yesterday Brian Roberts CEO of Comcast who own Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure gave a very public indication that they’re ready to give it a go.

We’re doubling down on theme parks, We think that there is a lot of ‘there’ there in the theme-park business for many years to come and that we have a low market share — and only one way to go.

To be honest he’s spot on, Disney’s share is so large (approx. 126 Million visitors a year) Universal (approx. 36 million a year) really haven’t got anything to lose,  they’re also armed with quite an impressive weapon, not only is it impressive but its proven…Harry Potter.


Universal’s first phase of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a huge success producing not only record attendance but more importantly record profits. Phase two, Diagon Alley, opens in the Spring is no doubt going to be hugely popular. On top of this Universal will be unveiling their latest in resort hotel called Cabana Bay with a lower price point than their existing offerings Universal look set to attack the value customer without compromising on their more luxurious clientele.

And the overall result, competition between the parks is great for us, the more competition the more new attractions, the better value. 🙂

Smiles included…



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