My Disney Bucket List

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We all know that Walt Disney World is the place of dreams and imagination. It offers some of the most incredible, over the top experiences.

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This is a bucket list of things to do at Disney and purely magic experience that I believe everyone must do in their lifetime.

1. Meet Mickey Mouse – This is a pretty standard thing when going to Disney. It all started with Mickey Mouse, so when you do meet him make sure you give him a pat on the back.

2. Have a character meal – It’s not just for the children, even adults enjoy the interaction with the characters too, if you can’t be a big kid at Disney then where can you.

3. Make a wish in the wishing well – Wishes really do come true, and there is no better place to make one then at Cinderella’s wishing well in Magic Kingdom located just right of Cinderella’s castle.

4. Buy & wear mouse ears – There’s loads of designs to choose from so you will find the perfect ones for you. No one is too young, too old or too cool to wear mouse ears. Even our lovely Lauren did on her last visit to Disney. Doesn’t she look cute 🙂 


5. Take a photo in front of the castle – I don’t think there is anyone I know that has been to Disney and not done this. It’s the standard “look at me, I’m at Disney” selfie. I get very jealous every time I see one and I’m not in it.

6. Ride the safari at Animal Kingdom – You will not come across an experience like this anywhere else. You get extremely close to a wide range of animals, I have done it a few times and each time was a different experience.

7. Watch the Fireworks display at Magic Kingdom – They have a few for you to choose from but the one I find most mesmerising is Wishes: Night Time Spectacular. Your heart will soar as you hear a medley of famous Disney songs and the voices of Disney characters in the biggest fireworks extravaganza.

Wishes Night-time Spectacular

8.Drink from the talking fountains -Beware – when you find one you will want to drink from every water fountain that you see, I suppose this is a good way to keep yourself hydrated.

9.Make your own candy at Goofy’s Candy Company – For any of you that don’t know me, I LOVE CANDY!!! I don’t think there is a better combination than candy and an amusement park. Go and check it out, your taste buds will not be disappointed.

10. Stay late to experience The Kiss Goodnight – If your not too exhausted by the end of the day don’t rush to the exit when everyone else does. The Kiss Goodnight is literally the icing on the Cake (Castle!). There is no better way to end your magical day.

My list could go on and on but the magic must end somewhere.

In the words of Mickey Mouse “See ya’ real soon.”

Smiles Included


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