New TODAY Cafe coming to Universal Studios

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Universal have just announced that the ‘TODAY’ cafe is coming to Universal Studios this spring. ‘TODAY’ is a morning show on NBC and the cafe will be set out to make you feel like you’re on the TODAY set with unique theming and speciality items.
It will be located just inside the iconic arches, across the street from the Universal Studios Store so it is in a great location to grab breakfast before you start your date or dinner towards the end of your day.

This isn’t just going to be an average cafe, Universals creative and culinary teams got together with TODAY to create this one of a kind experience.
The venue will be designed to look and feel like Studio 1a in NYC where the show broadcasts daily .
There will be orange awnings, floor to ceiling windows, stage lighting and outdoor seating to make it as similar to the real thing as possible.
There will also be a chance to catch up on the days headline as live broadcasts play.

Food & Drink

Now let’s get down to the important stuff, what food and drink will be up for grabs in the cafe..
Universal have said that The TODAY Cafe will offer a specialty coffee blend, made exclusively for the venue, featuring locally-roasted private label coffee. You’ll be able to sip handcrafted cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, iced coffee and more while chowing down on pastries, made fresh on-site daily, for the perfect breakfast and afternoon pick-me-up.

And, inspired by the fourth hour of TODAY, there will be wine and beer on tap, as well as a delicious cheese platter for two. Plus, one of the standout features of the TODAY Cafe menu will be seasonal dishes inspired by a TODAY personality.

Universal haven’t given an exact opening date however they have said spring so this cafe should be opening soon! 🙂


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