Orlando To Gain Tallest Attraction In The USA With New Polercoaster

Morning Thrill Seekers,

A new attraction has been confirmed for Florida in 2016….Its called a Polercoaster, a play on the words “pole” and “roller coaster”!! This is polercoasterone of the latest attractions created by the company US Thrill Rides and will be the first of its kind in the U.S.!

So what is a ‘Polercoaster’?

A Polercoaster offers 2 attractions in 1. A vertical roller coaster which will be centred around a 520ft pole and an observation tower accessible via 2 glass elevators. The observation tower will offer 2 levels at the top for retail space and restaurants/bars.

The exciting part though is the full size coaster, capable of loops and rolls built on the outside of the tower, the 520ft structure would make this coaster the largest in the U.S. Designed to take advantage of as small an area as possible, the Polercoaster will also give the park the opportunity to include an impressive light display that can be seen for miles (or advertising space).

Here’s a video of the concept;

I anticipate that this design will create an extremely fast ride, the coaster will be fully powered which gives the potential for enormous energy. Gravity will then hurtle you down to the bottom with lots of twists and turns, not to mention an incredible view!

I am also extremely interested to see how the loops and rolls will be incorporated into the design. The Polarcoaster is completely unique which I think will make it an extremely popular ride.

The location of the new coaster is yet to be announced and has caused a bit of a debate in the office. Personally I think it will be built at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park but others believe Disney might be its home and Jamie thinks it will be built at funspot.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. When I first heard this story, I thought, Universal Studios, hands down. With all the building going on, and the theme of the ride itself and the concert hall on top it makes sense. But then I started thinking, Downtown Disney is up to something, and I think it would be a stand alone ride (for insurance purposes) as well as the ultimate coaster junkie ride….which would fit perfectly into Downtown Disney. Not to mention, music, and a 360 degree view of WDW? So I am up in the air, but leaning toward Disney. I would put FunSpot in the mix, but both size, and land, kind of nullify that for me. Also, they just bought a coaster. Rarely do you get parks to spend back to back that kind of cash, here at least.

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