Our Customers Top Attractions At SeaWorld Orlando Vs Louise’s

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I’m sure after the past couple of days you’ll know what’s coming  but for those just picking up on it I’ll explain a little. When an Orlando Attraction Tickets customer returns from their holiday we send them a quick email asking them to rate and review their experience, we display this via our dedicated discover pages.

This week I’ve been taking a look at the current ratings and reviews for each of our suppliers parks and then comparing them to my own experiences. Today is the turn of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.


Manta is our customer’s favourite attraction at SeaWorld. Replicating a Stingray, you’re tilted head first, face down while you spin, glide, skim and fly around! Manta is known as one of the smoothest roller coaster tracks in the World which has been noticed by our customers. They have said ‘The Manta was fantastic!’, ‘what a great ride, very smooth’. It’s worth a go if you ask me!

Well, I couldn’t agree with our customers any more if I tried! Manta is definitely the best ride at SeaWorld! It’s just so different to your average coasters where you’re sitting down with the wind blowing through your hair. You’re actually facing the floor the whole way round! Everybody likes something with a TWIST every now and then!

i love manta


Roa’s Rapids race you down the river through the high tides and swirling whirlies at higher speeds than most of the river rapids you would have been on. Although it’s fairly quick, if you get a rubber dingy, you can just float around them for hours! As one customer has already said ‘Could sit in Roa’s rapids all day’! One of the best reviews we’ve received from a customer said ‘Lovely waterpark and the only one with plenty of sunbeds. A really good area with small slides for toddlers.’ which just goes to show how pleasant of a place this park is.

Dolphin Plunge is easily my favourite ride at Aquatica. It’s not every day you get to shoot down a water slide with dolphins swimming over your head! I don’t really think I need to say much more although I was quite shocked the customers didn’t agree with me on this one!

Dolphin Plunge

Busch Gardens

Cheetah Hunt is Busch Garden’s longest coaster at a whopping 4,400 feet! Some would say it leaves you speechless! ‘Cheetah hunt is wow! Fabulous smooth roller coaster. Best there is!’ At 60mph its definitely up there with the fast coasters! There’s a huge drop of 130 feet!! It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Although I love Cheetah Hunt, you may have read in one my previous blogs, my favourite ride is SheiKra! I love the suspense of hanging at the top before getting whooshed down the 200 ft drop at a 90 degree angle! And with speeds of 70mph, it’s just all the more exciting! SheiKra is a must when visiting Busch Gardens!

Sheikra Roller Coaster

I love all the SeaWorld Parks and couldn’t recommend them enough. You can grab a 3 park ticket for 2015 for as little as £85.00 per adult.

I can wait to read more of your reviews in 2015 and perhaps when I visit Orlando in the summer I’ll leave my own reviews. 🙂

Smiles included…




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