Some SeaWorld Facts From Their Proposed IPO

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we confirmed that SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment had begun the process of filing to go public with the intention of raising $100 million. The funds are to be used to pay off debt, to help future expansion and to pay Blackstone (who own SeaWorld) a one off payment.

Within the filings we were able to pick out some interesting SeaWorld facts.

  • SeaWorld Orlando will introduce a new animated character called “Puck” the penguin; it will coincide with the official launch of Antaractica in Spring 2013.
  • SeaWorld’s operating profit up 34 percent so far this year. ($229 million)
  •  SeaWorld’s total attendance was 19.9 million up by 4.3%.
  • Admissions generates 62% of SeaWorld’s revenue. In-park spending including food, drinks and merchandise is 38%.
  • SeaWorld paid $167 million for Knott’s Soak City near San Diego, California rumour has it they will open a replica of Aquatica there.
  • 56% of SeaWorld’s total company revenue comes from its Florida parks.
  • Seaworld’s licensing deal with Sesame Street (for Sesame Place in PA and for IP in other parks) runs through 2021.
  • SeaWorld is planning major announcements to coincide with its 50th Birthday.

I quite fancy owning a little bit of SeaWorld, what about you?



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