Something New Is Coming To Busch Gardens Next Year

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2015 has started pretty quietly when it come to theme park news but perhaps its about to pick up a little bit. Yesterday we reported on the announcement of the World’s tallest drop tower being built on International Drive today we’re hearing news that Busch Gardens has a new attraction in the pipelines.

When I first heard this news I assumed it was an attraction to replace Gwazi which officially closed at the beginning of this month however reports seem to suggest that the new attraction will be found in the parks Egyptian themed area and is scheduled for a 2016 start date.


A Busch Gardens Tampa spokesman confirmed that they were indeed planning a new attraction but stated that even they don’t know exactly what its going to be. What we do know at the moment is that Busch Gardens filed an environmental resource permit with the Tampa Bay regional water authority which has lead to speculation that is could be a water ride however I’m pretty sure most expansions or builds have to have the water authorities approval in that part of Florida.

The permit includes removal of more than 28,000 square feet of existing concrete paving and the expansion of the existing museum building by almost 12,000 square feet. It also appears that a section of the Serengeti Railway will be moved.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets when we hear news like this we like to have a little guess at what it could be, the overall opinion is that perhaps it will be some kind of 3D experience think, Spiderman at Universal. Busch Gardens is known for its amazing thrill rides so perhaps they’ll be looking to make something slightly more family (young children) orientated.

However your guess is as good as ours… we’ll keep you posted when we know more.

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