It just be raining iPods…and stuff!

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Recently I was lucky enough to find myself at Busch Gardens in lostTampa Bay. During a brief chat with one of the Busch Gardens team we got onto the subject of stuff that people often lose on the roller coasters. Well, when I say lose, I actually mean stuff that has just fallen from people’s pockets in the middle of being loop da looped and spun around at zero gravity! I was surprised at some of the things that people don’t actually secure when they ride some of the awesome coasters like Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi and Kumba.

Here is a list of the things that turn up in the safety nets;

  • Phones
  • iPods
  • Money
  • A shoe
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Make up
  • Chewing gum
  • Wallet
  • Headwear

If you are unlucky enough to lose something on a ride at Busch Gardens you can find the lost and found in the Moroccan Village. If you only notice once you leave the park then feel free to email Include any relevant information on the item that was lost, and the date which you visited the park and a representative from Security will correspond with you via email.

However I guess the moral of this post is basically don’t lose your stuff. Remember that there are places to store your items when you board the rides, use them.

Here is the information you’ll need if you plan on visiting Busch Gardens;

Busch Gardens is included within the following tickets

Top Tip: Busch Gardens offers FREE transport from Orlando. Check out the following post for more details: How to use the free shuttle bus service to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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Walt Disney World Wait Times On Your iPhone

One of the most annoying things in the history of the world (well, to me anyway) is queuing! I just hate standing in line waiting….and waiting….and annoying everyone I’m with by constantly complaining about waiting…and then waiting some more….you get the picture right? Well, I have some good news for fellow ‘queue haters’ There are a few decent iPhone Apps out there that can help. They won’t eliminate the queues but they do the next best thing; they let you know the average ‘wait time’ for all the major rides at Walt Disney World Orlando.

I have reviewed a couple of these iPhone Apps below which I might add are FREE to download. The way these Apps work is pretty genius. People that are already standing in line have this App and submit their wait times. This makes each wait time relevant to that particular point in time….good eh?

FREE WDW Waits App

This was the first app I downloaded. It’s very easy, right off the bat you can download this App and understand how to use it.  FREE WDW Waits uses your ‘current location’ via GPS to let you know where the nearest ride to you is. You can see and submit wait times and add rides and add rides to a ‘favourites’ section.

Displayed wait times are based on app user submitted times and park crowd levels. Now with hundreds of thousands of users.

✓ Ride wait times for all 4 Disney World parks
✓ All times for each park displayed on the same screen
✓ See recent times submitted for each ride
✓ Submit a ride wait time if you are in the park
✓ See rides nearest to your GPS position
✓ Time displayed in minutes, a CL if closed, or dashes if unavailable

Visit for more info and demo video.

WDW FREE Wait Time Opening App Screen
Wait time displayed
submit your waiting time

Pros: It’s simple to use, it’s free, and it does exactly what you need it to do. Three awesome reasons to go and download it right now!

Cons: The refresh rate is slow (it’s around every 4 minutes; I hate to wait!) Personally I would add a ‘refresh button’ The ‘Near me’ option needs to encourage people to use it – if you don’t set it up when you first download the app but you later click on it you get the following message ‘Error Acquiring Location’ It should then offer you the chance to allow the App to ‘use your current location’ to enable the function to work but it doesn’t – This App has adverts on it – Graphics are basic.

Verdict: It’s a good App, its simple and it’s FREE! The pros definitely out way the cons with this App. I would recommend you go get this if you’re off to Walt Disney World Orlando.

More info: iTunes

Undercover Tourist – Walt Disney World Wait Time App

There is a lot going on with this iPhone App. Its main function it to provide wait times at WDW which it does in the same way as the App above. The eye pleasing graphics make the user experience just that little bit more fun as it has a ‘game type’ quality to it. But this App is more than just wait times. It gives you lots of extra information like a review of the rides, user ratings, parade times, where to eat, a 10 day crowd forecast a planner and it also has a little game on it to keep you amused when you’re in the queues.


. Detailed Maps and GPS Locator – Enjoy accurate wait times, integrated in real-time, with park maps for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. All of these locations can be found in just one App!

. Real-Time Data Points – Save time with over 2,000,000 wait time data points, all enhanced by real-time user submissions.

. Rides – Pre-plan with detailed information, including photos, descriptions, ratings and height / age requirements. The App filters the rides by age, family and Fast Pass. It also allows for rides to be added to your touring plan and marked as one of your favorites.

. Disney Dining – Cruise through menus for Disney World and Downtown Disney restaurants with new Disney World Resort restaurants added weekly to the App. Restaurant ratings, cuisine, cost and photos are also at your fingertips and can be added to your Favorites list or inserted into your Activities Scheduler.

. Export and Import Scheduling Information – You can plan your entire day at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. The Schedule can also be e-mailed to your
family and friends.

. Planner – You can see opening hours, parade times, recommended parks and other special events up to 10 days in advance.

. Traffic Light System – You can choose the best parks and rides with the lowest crowds for each day of your trip.

. GPS Tools – After a long day at the parks, you can locate your vehicle, yourself or members of your group … fast.

. Ticket Purchase – You will have the exclusive ability on mobile to purchase discount attraction tickets through Undercover Tourist, the most trusted name in discount attraction tickets.

. Ticket Copy – You can take pictures of all your theme park tickets to keep track of everyone’s tickets in your group. Note: This feature is not a guarantee for having your tickets reissued. Officially, theme parks do not have to reissue lost tickets; it remains at their sole discretion, so be sure to be careful!

. Play a Game – You can pass time while waiting with a fun tile match memory game for kids of all ages.

Undercover Tourist Walt Disney World Wait Time App Opeing Screen
Current wait times displayed
More information on rides

Pros: It’s FREE. This App is packed with great things to do. Its fun to use and gives you lots of extra ‘added value’ information. Its obvious the developers of this App have spent a lot of time thinking about what users would find useful.

Cons: It’s packed with adverts. You can ditch the adds by upgrading to a paid version of this App. If current location is not set up when you download the App it doesn’t point you in the direction of how to set it up if you then click on the ‘Location’ function later. No instructions on how to use some of the functions.

Verdict: Download this App. Its FREE damnit! Its packed with useful features and its fun to use – just how an App should be.

More info: iTunes

So there you have our pick on a couple of really useful Apps. Let us know if you have used either of these Apps by leaving us a comment or if there are any other similar Apps you’d recommend we’d love to hear about them.

For more information on Walt Disney World click the link.