Kelly Reviews Aquatica

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Day 2 and today we were off to Aquatica and it couldn’t of fallen on a better day with highs of 28 degrees. Bikini was on and I was raring to go, Ihu’s Breakaway Fall’s I’m coming for you.

Aquatica was again literally a few minutes walk from our hotel and very easy to get to. When we got into the park it was straight to Aquatica’s handy lockers to safely put away any belongings which we didn’t want to get wet. We then headed to Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores which are the man made white-sand beach area which are equipped with deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas. It truly is paradise, but we’re not spending our day here we were ready to take on all the slides, rivers and waves pools the park had to offer.

So we thought we would be broken in gently and start off with something mild but no – it was straight to Ihu’s Breakaway Fall’s to wake us all up a bit from the drinks which were flowing the night before.

Ihu’s Breakaway Fall’s is the tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower of its kind in Orlando and we were 5 minutes away from taking it on. After climbing a lot of stairs we finally got to the top and then it hits you “oh dear its actually quite high”. I was one of the last in line so watched some of the other’s as the floor dropped beneath them – some of the faces were very entertaining. One of the girls from our group had decided not to go on it and took the stairs back down.


My turn eeekkkkk. I walked to the pod, I chose to ride the red flume as this one seemed to be milder than the others. Once you step inside the pod you begin to hear the sound effects of a heart beating which makes the attraction a whole lot more terrifying. The fear took over and I asked to be let out!

“NO” not again (read about Kelly bottling Falcon’s Fury here) I cannot go back to work and say I also bottled Ihu’s, but I just couldn’t do it so off I trudged back down the stairs passing all the people waiting all of them knowing I was a chicken!

At the bottom of the stairs the girl who also decided not to do it was there, it was just us… everybody else had done it! I had to do it, I wanted to do it. Knowing someone would be just as scared as me made it easier, so I looked at her and said “If you do it, I will”. She agreed and it was back up the stairs we went (my legs got a good workout that day). So we got back to the top and this time no hanging around, she entered the green pod and I entered the red pod…

We faced each other in our positions listening to the heartbeat sound effect, ready to drop but who was going to go first…. She did “Yes”….relief came over me until I realised it was now my turn…. the floor went my arms flung in the air and I swallowed a lot of water as my mouth was wide open.

I had actually done it and I will admit I did fist pump the air when I got to the bottom. I was extremely proud of myself as I’m not really a flume fan, but I can honestly say it was the best flume ride I have ever done and I would do it over and over. I made my colleagues at Orlando Attraction Tickets very jealous talking about it and they cannot wait to go and take it on themselves, if any of you have done it please share your views as we would love to know how you handled the mighty Ihu’s Breakaway Falls.

Still buzzing from doing Ihu’s it was onto Roa’s Rapids, a faster, aggressive version of the lazy river with geysers, speed zones and centre islands. Do not underestimate its speed it is pretty fast so for any children or for those not-so-strong swimmers there are life jackets available as you enter the rapids. Even though I can swim, I find wearing a life jacket is actually more fun as you seem to sail along much quicker, keep your eyes open though as you will get a great view of the Aquarium as you are sailing round.

After fighting with the rapids to get out (you will struggle – so grab an arm to pull you out) we headed to Taumata Racer. This was my second biggest thrill in the park a high-speed, competitive mat ride, headfirst, down a seriously steep hill “300 feet” in fact. I’m not one for heights as you will all know if you have read my Kelly VS Falcon’s Fury blog, but Taumata Racer I could just about handle!! 6 of us headed up with our mats ready for battle, we all stood in front of our lanes ready and waiting for the countdown to say “GO” – and we were off, well all of them but me – my mat decided to get stuck but it did move after I ran and belly flopped onto it and I was off heading for the top of the hill (everyone waiting for me at the bottom) and there it was the 300 feet drop. I was travelling down head-first on a mat and oh my did it get my belly. What a fabulous water slide, but it was safe to say I came last thanks to my mat getting stuck, but I had a better run on the second attempt.

Taumata Racers

Once we had enough of competing, it was onto something we could do together “HooRoo Run”. Three people can ride this at any one time, once you’ve reached the top of the tower you are seated in a large inflatable raft and nudged off the edge by the staff and its a straight run to the bottom with a few seat-lifting ridges as you drop, so hold on tight!

Time for one more before heading to get some lunch – it was back up the same tower as HooRoo Run to do Walhalla Wave. Like HooRoo Run three people can ride at anyone time so these are both great for families and groups. You get nudged off the edge again by the staff member then you are zooming through a 6-story maze of twists, turns and tunnels before you surge back out into daylight. I personally didn’t like being in pitch black not knowing what was coming next, but there was no surprise sudden drop so I was quite happy about that.

Walhalla Wave

Its was off for some lunch and we enjoyed a buffet style lunch at Banana Beach, they have a large variety of buffet style foods available which were very enjoyable so I would highly recommend it. After stuffing my face it was safer to let my food go down before taking on anymore rides so we headed back to Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores to enjoy some sun and a few waves in the wave pools. The wave pool does go very deep the further you go so if you are not a great swimmer I would advise to stay in the shallow end as the waves do get very high and are very strong. I stayed in the shallow end as I would of sunk to the bottom of the deep end with the amount I had eaten!

After a little relaxation it was back to the fun stuff and get as many more rides in as we could before our day came to an end. On our way too Omaka Rocka we passed Walkabout Waters and all of us being big kids at heart we couldn’t resist going in and have a quick game of tag. Walkabout waters is more for the kids with lots of stairs, slides and tunnels just like an indoor play area but in the water its brilliant, well I thought so and I’m an adult so you can imagine the excitement on a childs face when heading to this. Enough of us all being children it was onto Omaka Rocka another rubber ring ride but this one has to be done alone you go speeding into massive flumes where you slide up one side and back down to travel up the other side.

We had time for one last ride so we paired up and went onto Whanua Way – this was in my top 3. Two of you ride together one in front and one behind, you get pushed over the edge again by the staff and its straight it a dark tunnel and when exiting you face two dips before plunging into the pool below, again I would hold on tight as lots of people were flinging off the raft before it was hitting the water – it was very entertaining to watch and thankfully it didn’t happen to me.

So there you have it my day in Aquatica and Orlando Attraction Tickets first ever experience of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, one which I can actually say I did!!

Look out for my next blog where I visited Discovery Cove and my dreams came true.

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Why Not Head Over To Downtown Disney

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Why not head over to Downtown Disney of an evening and witness some of Orlando’s nightlife. Of course, you can visit Downtown Disney in the daytime too I just think with everything lit up and all of the pretty lights it will be such a more memorable experience in the evening. From shopping to dining and all of the entertainment going on at Downtown Disney, you won’t be bored! With more than 40 different stores, there’s not much you can’t get there! Ranging from Disney souvenirs to stylish fashions, there is just so much to look at.

Home to the world’s largest Disney character store, you will be able to find many gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia. You’ll definitely be needing a lot of money. I know I spent most of my money at Downtown Disney because everything just draws your attention to it. My family and I spent a lot of time in the Harley-Davidson shop. It was just amazing to see all of the bikes in there and how big they really were.

Make sure you’ve got your camera at the ready with plenty of photo spots surrounding you. There are plenty of Disney character statues for you to snap at and the shop windows are just fabulous to look at.

There is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from so it will be difficult not find something you like to eat. The most popular place at Downtown Disney to eat is of course, the famous, Planet Hollywood. Walk in and have your group photo taken to make sure you never forget your experience and then be seated to eat along with the music playing and looking at all the amazing features around you. Planet Hollywood is a restaurant with a theme of inspiration of some of the biggest Hollywood stars known such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many, many more.


Another very famous restaurant over at Downtown Disney is the Rainforest Cafe. The Rainforest Cafe is a lot more popular with a whopping 27 different locations around the world. Although the California Rainforest Cafe is the more well known one, Florida is in very close second place. If you like to eat your dinner surrounded by a lot going on and a lot of loud noise, the Rainforest Cafe is definitely the place to be. It’s a very different experience to most other restaurants that you will ever visit so if you’re going to experience Florida, why not experience the Rainforest Cafe too?


The T-Rex Cafe located in Downtown Disney is the only one in the world. Quite similar to the Rainforest Cafe with all the movement and noise however this is only Dinosaurs. With different areas of the cafe relating to different prehistoric dinosaur times, you’re likely to have a different experience each time you go.

You cannot go to Downtown Disney and not go into DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park. Luckily if you purchase your Disney tickets through Orlando Attraction Tickets, you can gain entry for free. If you’re reading this wondering what DisneyQuest is (which you most likely are) then do not fear. Not only will it be one of the first thing’s you see when you enter, but it is the biggest part of Downtown Disney. With 5 stories of fun, you can be in there for hours on end and not even realise because you will be having so much fun with so many different things to do and there is not even any windows!

So let’s start with the First Floor where they have ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold’ suitable for everyone that loves Pirates of the Caribbean. Players can control their pirate ship and destroy other ships with the cannons.

Paddle an inflatable raft down a prehistoric river on ‘Virtual Jungle Cruise’ avoiding dinosaurs and getting sprayed with water.

Moving up to the Second Floor where we have CyberSpace Mountain. If you’ve already been to Magic Kingdom, you will already know what Space Mountain is really like but this ride takes you on a motion ride where you can design your own roller coaster and then ride the simulator of your own coaster. Cool huh? Well, not only that but you get to watch yourself on it!

There is also ‘Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride’ where the players ride a magic carpet collecting gems in order to find the genie. ‘Animation Academy’ is where you can learn how to draw the Disney characters on a computer screen with a light pen. This is run in regular sessions throughout the day. ‘Sid’s Create-A-Toy’ is a programme that will allow you to design your own toy using parts of other toys and maybe even buy it too. Brilliant for the kids.


‘Living Easels’ is an interactive touch screen programme for kids to create colourful backgrounds and ‘Radio Disney Song Maker’ which is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it!

Let’s go up to the Third Floor now and see what’s up there. Well, there’s ‘Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam’ where the player can become the actual pinball in a giant pinball game. ‘Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlaster’ allows players to use bumper cars to navigate over foam balls to suck up into the cabin and then shooting them out of the canon at the other cars.

How about going up one more floor to the Fourth Floor where we will find ‘Ride the Comix 5’. The players can enter the comic book world to battle with super villains. ‘Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter’ can have up to 4 players ride inside to rescue astronauts.

So there’s a lot to look forward to in DisneyQuest Interactive Theme Park, it’s not just a boring old windowless building.

The largest entertainment at Downtown Disney has got to be La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil. I watched this show the first time I went to Orlando and I was mesmerized throughout the whole performance. It was amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it. I’ve been to a circus before but that is nothing compared to La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil.

So why not head on down to Downtown Disney on your trip and experience the magic as there is so much more to see than just the little snippet I’ve told you about.

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Ihu’s Breakaway Falls Opens In 3 Days…


Hey thrill seekers,

Aquatica’s latest ride is set to open in just three days time and we can’t wait. The tallest multiple person drop ride in Florida has had us intrigued for over a year now.


Here’s what we know, riders will step inside one of 3 tubes, when each tube opens guest will drop practically vertically approx. 40 foot and reach speeds of up to 16mph!!!

Aquatica have been wondering if we’re brave enough to ride this adrenaline filled beauty… Well take a look at this short video and you tell me?

For those of you not quite ready for the drop, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls will also include a further 4th slide without the drop part for those not quite as keen…

For me, I’ve got to ride the orange slide, I’ve heard it features a slightly longer drop!!!

Smiles included…



Check Out The Final Installment Of Aquatica’s “Behind The Falls” Series


Hey Thrill Seekers,

In this latest installment, Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President Bryan Nadeau goes Behind the Falls of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls™ to see what it takes to build Orlando’s tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind. From the installation of three “Breakaway Boxes” to raising the more than 40,000 pound signature Aquatica roof, crews have been working day and night to get ready to open Ihu’s Breakaway Falls on May 9.

This drop ride looks like its going to be a massive hit. I can’t wait to try it out.

We love drop rides with a Twist,


tptd-dibb (2)

Universal Orlando Resort New Video Teaser

Hi Thrill Seekers,

If you were looking for a little bit of inspiration for this years trip to Orlando then I think you’re gonna love the video below.  Universal Orlando Resort have just released a new 60 second advert featuring loads their amazing rides and attractions. You can grab a quick taste of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure or Minion Mayhem and Transformers at Universal Studios! This 60 second video really does pack a punch – I dare you not to want to be there after watching it 🙂

Grab a great deal on Universal Orlando Resort ticket by using the links below;

We expect to see more Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley content soon, as always we’ll keep you posted.




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Theme Park Fatigue? Take A Break From The Parks With These Great Tickets

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Theme Park Fatigue can happen to the best of us! A whole day at an Orlando park can be very tiring, there’s tons of walking involved and lots of standing on your feet. We actually calculated the amount of calories you can lose when visiting SeaWorld and Busch Gardens last year and it turned out to be the equivalent of a good 10k run!

So taking a break from the parks to recharge your batteries is a must, here’s our top tickets and attractions to help combat theme park fatigue.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is constantly ranked as one of the best attractions in Florida. The still working space station is a great way to recharge your theme park batteries while at the same time visiting a truly icon attraction.

KSC recently added the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit to their collection, raised 30 feet off the ground and rotated 43 degrees visitors will experience Atlantis as if it were in space. It also features more than 60 interactive, immersive exhibits and simulators which will provide guests a never-before experienced perspective on the shuttle’s complex systems, components and capabilities.

Kennedy Space Center Tickets can be purchased from as little as £29.00 per adult and £24.00 per child.

ksc big


The most eye-catching feature of WonderWorks is the attraction’s dramatic exterior; a three-story tall, classically designed building that appears to have landed upside down, atop a 1930s era brick warehouse.

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with over 100 interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages to explore.

You can visit WonderWorks from as little as £15.00 per adult and £12.00 per child.


Water Parks

Yep granted it has the word Park in the title but Orlando water parks are nothing like their theme park brethren. Relax and soak up the rays or go for a paddle in the lazy river. Orlando’s waterparks have something for everyone.

Universal have Wet N’ Wild, which offers the most multi person rides in a single park in Florida. There are also tons of places to sunbathe.

SeaWorld’s water park is called Aquatica and has an Australian and New Zealand theme. They’re set to open their new ride Ihu’s Breakaway Falls this year, which has been billed as the tallest, multi person drop ride in southern America. Aquatica also has an 80,000 square foot man made beach for you to relax on.

Disney have two water parks, Blizzard Beach with its winter theme and Typhoon Lagoon with its story of a typhoon wreaking havoc on a tropical island. Both have plenty of places to relax.

Prices can vary, the most popular ticket to include water parks is the Orlando PassPort.


Discovery Cove

Of all the attractions I’ve visited in Orlando Discovery Cove is easily the most relaxing, it could be the tranquil waters, the beautiful dolphins or the free booze on tap, we’ll never truly know 😉 but what I do know is that Discovery Cove is one of the most enjoyable days out I’ve ever had…. actually its so enjoyable I’ve been there 3 times now.

Featuring a dolphin interaction, a beautiful aviary, serenity bay and a freshwater oasis, Discovery Cove is fully equipped to deal with your theme park fatigue .

Discovery Cove is limited to 1300 people per day and prices depend upon the time of year you attend. You can check availability and pricing here.

discovery cove trip

So there we have it our top tickets for fighting theme park fatigue… I guess you could try one of these or if you’re tough enough push on through and visit a theme park everyday 🙂

Smiles included…



The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Bigger, bolder & now more powerful than ever!

Hi All,

There’s something brewing in Orlando and its getting stronger! 


Universal have today launched a national television campaign in the USA to promote the much anticipated opening of the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The 30 second commercial bills The Wizarding World of Harry Potter featuring; Hogsmeade, The Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley. This is the first visual to encompass the whole park experience.

The commercial describes the new features to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as; Bigger, bolder and more powerful than ever! and to be honest its pretty much looking that way 🙂

Still no official launch date has been released the commercial is also pretty vague stating that the expansion will open summer 2014. However, as always we like to speculate on these things and we believe that is will open sometime in June.

We’ll keep you posted on this one 😉




Bit More Info About Ihu’s Breakaway Falls At Aquatica Orlando

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Its not only the theme parks that are launching new attractions this year the water parks are too, and one that’s captured our imaginations is Aquatica’s Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Billed as the Tallest, Steepest, Longest and only multi person drop side in the southern United States visitors can expect to ride this beast from May the 9th.

Aquatica has dropped little hints here and there regarding what we can expect but nothing really definitive, that was until now. Today Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President Bryan Nadeau revealed some additional information via this video;

From what we’ve seen here, riders will start in a standing position inside 3 clear breakaway boxes. None of the participants will know which box will open first adding to the excitement.

When the box does open riders will drop an initial 40 foot at an almost 80 degree angle. They will then hit 1 of 4, 360 degree spiral tubes until they emerge at the bottom.

Don’t know about you but that sounds pretty freaky.

Smiles included…



The LEGO Movie Weekend Returns To LEGOLAND Florida

Hey Thrill Seekers,

With a record-breaking box office debut, an action-packed video game and a contagious song, everything is awesome with “The LEGO® Movie,” kids and parents alike just can’t get enough. So, it’s no surprise that these fans are looking to LEGOLAND Florida for more movie-themed fun in a fantastic LEGO inspired theme park setting. Back by popular demand, The LEGO Movie Weekend festivities will return to LEGOLAND Florida every weekend in March starting Mar. 8, bringing back scavenger hunts, photo opportunities as well as new family fun with a chance to help transform Miniland USA’s New York City into the famous Bricksburg.

legoland movie

No instructions are needed here, The LEGO Movie Weekends in March will feature an all out takeover of Miniland USA’s New York City and model builders need the help of park guests to transform this city into Bricksburg, home of the movie’s hero, Emmet. While LEGOLAND Florida model builders add iconic LEGO models from “The LEGO Movie” each weekend, park guests will have the chance to build alongside them and use their imaginations to create their own model that will live on and be added to the city to be transformed into Bricksburg over the four week event.

“The LEGO Movie” Weekend at LEGOLAND Florida includes the following activities:

  • New! The LEGO Movie Take Over of Miniland’s New York City Miniland USA

Guests can use their imagination to build their own unique LEGO model to help LEGOLAND Florida Master Model Builders transform Miniland USA’s New York City into Emmet’s home town, Bricksburg.

Master Model Builders will add iconic LEGO Bricksburg Models each weekend such as:

  • The construction crane hoisting “The LEGO Movie” Logo over the city.
  • Lord Business’ Evil Lair
  • Batman’s Batwing Vehicle
  • Benny’s Spaceship…and more!
  • New! LEGO Batman Photo Opportunity Imagination Zone

Pose with the LEGO Batman, Wyldstyle’s boyfriend in “The LEGO Movie.”

  • Meet & Greet with Emmet & Wyldstyle Imagination Zone

Fans can walk the red carpet and meet the stars of “The LEGO Movie,” Emmet and Wyldstyle.

  •  “The LEGO Movie” Scavenger HuntMiniland USA

Emmet, Wyldstyle and Lord Business are lost in Miniland USA. Guests can help find them to save the day!

  • “The LEGO Movie” Video Game ChallengeWarner Bros. Games Zone

Gaming fans can test their skills and play the latest action-packed video game, “The LEGO Movie.”

  •  “The LEGO Movie” Mural Build – Imagination Zone

Families can build together and help create a giant LEGO poster of “The LEGO Movie.”

Currently in theaters nationwide, “The LEGO® Movie” is the first-ever, full-length theatrical LEGO® adventure. from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and LEGO System A/S. \Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller,  it stars Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman,Alison Brie and Charlie Day, with Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.

“The LEGO Movie” Weekend is included with park admission and guests will have complete access to a full day of theme park fun with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions all geared to families with children ages 2 to 12.

You can purchase LEGOLAND tickets from Orlando Attraction Tickets from as little as £36.00.

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What’s Busch Gardens Falcons Fury Going To Be Like?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

On Saturday I posted a photo on our facebook page showing what a 300 foot drop looks like to symbolise Busch Gardens Falcons Fury ride due to open this year.

Well today Busch Gardens have bested me by releasing this video…

How mental does this look?

Just to remind you Falcons Fury is a 300 ft plus drop ride that positions the rider at a 90 degree angle, meaning you fall face first looking at the ground!!!

Smiles included…