New Things I’m Looking Forward To In Florida

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Some of you may have read one of my previous blogs about how excited I am to be visiting Orlando in September 2015 with my family the post also included attractions that I’m particularly looking forward to. Well, there have been a few more announcements since my last blog, that you may or may not have heard about through our blog posts so my excitement has now doubled and there are so many more attractions that I just can’t wait to try out.

I can’t wait to ride Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa especially since Kelly bottled it on her recent trip to Orlando. When I’m in Florida next year I will be making sure that this is one of the first rides that I go on. All of us here at Orlando Attraction Tickets have just been dying to experience it ever since we first heard the official announcement wayback in 2013.

Kelly should have been the first person in the company to experience the rush of dropping 335 feet face first but of course as we all know …she bottled it. Although I was gutted for her it does give me the opportunity to officially be the first OAT employee to ride it and as has been pointed out several times to her “how can you go all the way to Orlando and not ride Falcon’s Fury”.


I’m also absolutely distraught that the SkyScraper roller coaster doesn’t open until 2017. This coaster looks incredible AND it’s taller than Falcon’s Fury, at a whopping 535 feet tall! If you haven’t already read through Jamie’s blog about the SkyScraper, it’s well worth a read. This roller coaster will last over 4 minutes with ups and downs, twists and turns and of course some fairly big drops. The SkyScraper is not just going to be your normal roller coaster. The building will contain restaurants and other various attractions along with the roller coaster going around the outside. No wonder they have prolonged the opening date to 2017 as it sounds as though there is going to be a lot of hard work going on to build it over on International Drive.


I’m so excited that Clyde and Seamore are returning to SeaWorld with a new show, I wasn’t lucky enough to see the previous show as both times I visited Orlando the show was on hiatus. I’ve heard so much about what these crazy Sea Lions get up to and how funny the shows are. Not only have SeaWorld got the Dolphin Theater for Blue Horizons and the Shamu Stadium for One Ocean but they are going to build another theater called the Sea Lion and Otter Theater for Clyde and SeaMore’s Sea Lion High. In my opinion, SeaWorld are always expanding in the most brilliant ways and I cannot wait to be there to witness yet another fantastic new experience. SeaWorld have estimated the Clyde and SeaMore Show to be opening in the Spring of 2015 so I just hope it will be open by the time I get there so I can finally see it.


I just hope that my 14 days in Orlando is actually going to be enough time to fit everything in that I want to do. I can honestly say that I was not aware of how much there was to do there. Now that I work at Orlando Attraction Tickets, I will be sure to squeeze in as much as I can while I’m there so I can come back and tell you all about it.

Smiles included…