Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood To Let YOU Pick A Scare Zone

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN24) is regularly voted “Best Halloween Event” at numerous industry award nights, the painstaking care the team put into making the night a huge success is there for everyone to see but its a team that probably don’t get a lot of props that has recently started helping take the event to new heights.

HHN24 social team do a fantastic job in drip feeding us information in a way that keeps us engaged and thirsty for more. Last year they introduced a midnight reveal of each house which proved very popular and stopped me from getting a full nights sleep. This year though they may have outdone themselves…

What I noticed last year while reporting on each new house was the amount of opinions each reveal drew, from “yes this is going to be amazing” to “Why haven’t you done a (insert horror movie) house!”.  People are really passionate about Halloween Horror Nights and aren’t afraid to let Universal know!

Announced yesterday at Monsterpalooza Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is  going to let YOU pick one of their scare zones. Full details haven’t be revealed yet but we can expect more shortly!

hhn24announceWe’re hoping Halloween Horror Nights Orlando follows suit and opens up this to Florida lovers too.

From the buzz online it looks like an American Horror Story house is favourite. We’ll keep you all updated.

Scares included…




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