Are Universal Planning To Remove Queuing?

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Disney’s huge investment in their new FastPass System has been a relative success, the idea of visitors being able to pre book their rides and attractions has lead to a decrease in queuing, which is a good thing. However it hasn’t totally eradicated it…

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we’ve heard a few rumours that perhaps Universal are looking in to a way of removing queuing totally from their parks! Impossible I hear you cry, well you might be right… but let me tell you what we’ve heard.


Firstly I’ve got to mention that none of this has come directly from Universal or anyone working for Universal so take it all with a pinch of salt.

So its pretty well known, although not officially confirmed that Universal plan to open a new water park in 2017 called Volcano Bay the park is set to positioned adjacent to their new Cabana Bay Resort Hotel and is said to be approx. 3/4 the size of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. With all of Universal latest releases, think Diagon Alley, Transformers and the Minions ride, Universal have been pushed the boundaries of technology  and we’re expecting the same kind of thing for Volcano Bay. I would doubt Universal would waste their time building just a “normal” water park!

One of the ideas doing the rumour rounds is that Universal will use Volcano Bay as a testing ground for their queueless park dream. Here’s how it will work, upon entry into the park visitors will be given a RFID band this will act as their ticket they’ll be able to add their debit/credit card to the band for in park transaction and it will act as their virtual queue bot!

This is not a new idea, the technology already exists and one of the leading companies in this area is Britain’s own Accesso, in 2011, they introduced the  ‘Qband’ for use at water parks. The device, which is similar in size and shape to a watch, on the device, users can select an attraction they wish to queue for and the device will add them to a virtual queue. The Qband will then notify users once their virtual queue time has elapsed through vibration and beeping. They then access the attraction using a priority entrance, having avoided standing in a long line.

Its a very interesting concept, especially if used and implemented within a whole park. Universal already have a working relationship with Accesso so perhaps this is a rumour that actually has legs?

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