Busch Gardens Release Cobra’s Curse Construction Video

Hey Thrill Seekers,

2016 will see the introduction of Busch Gardens spinning family coaster Cobra’s Curse, today Busch released a short video update shown below;

As you can see from the video above construction is well underway. Cobra’s Curse is a spin coaster with a twist, you start your ride facing forward weaving in and out of the sites, the car is then span 180 degrees so you ride backwards on to a second lift, which triggers the car to the spin, the spin is controlled by the riders via weight distribution.

The video also shows the new logo for the ride;

cobras curse logo

The addition of Cobra’s Curse is a great move to allow families to ride together, known for its extreme rides the introduction of Cobra’s Curse looks to be a good move.

We’ll keep you updated.

Smiles included…


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