Pirates Of The Caribbean At Walt Disney World Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Adventureland and is the inspiration for the set of films of the same name starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly.

This attraction was the last project Walt Disney himself  helped design.

The attraction itself is an indoor water ride, guests float through an immersive, larger-than-life pirate adventure featuring gunshots, cannon blasts, burning buildings, and carousing and pillaging pirates, all accompanied by the rollicking theme song, “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” written by George Bruns and Xavier Atencio.

The highlight is the 14 foot plunge over a waterfall in to the pirates cave.

Height to ride – Any height

Ride Duration – 8:30

Attraction Tickets Review – A great ride for atmosphere, you can literally smell the salty water.

Haunted Mansion At Walt Disney World Resort

Haunted Mansion can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square,  and is a spooky tour around a haunted mansion. 

Your are shipped around the mansion in doom buggies that take you from room to room, where you may see or experience the supernatural.

Height to ride – Any height

Top Speed – Slow…

Attraction Tickets Review – Had to put my “this is for kids” hat on, because this really isn’t scary…. but kids love it.

Space Mountain At Walt Disney World Resort

Space Mountain can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland and is an indoor out of space roller coaster and features 2 spaceship shaped vehicles consisting of 3 seats that launch from 2 different tracks.

The left side track is called the Alpha; the right side track is called the Omega. Both tracks are nearly identical and mirror each other in twists and drops.

The rockets that race through space achieve a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Height to ride – 44″

Vehicle Capacity – 3

Top Speed – 28 mph

Ride Duration – 2.50

Attraction Tickets Review – I love theme park rides in the dark! 28 mph doesn’t sound much but in the dark it feels more like 78 mph!!

Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom Disney

Country Bear Jamboree can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Frontierland and is a stage show with audio-animatronic figures, most of them are bears who perform coutry music.

Due to overwhelming popularity, The Country Bear Jamboree was given a “spin-off” show which appeared during the winter season at Disneyland. It was called The Country Bear Christmas special in 1984.

Height to ride: Any.

Ride duration: 15.55

Attraction Tickets Review – I absoultely loved this and I’m 39 years old, you think it is just for the young one’s but it is sooo not, I recommend anyone to try this attraction.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can be found as Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Frontierland its an indoor/outdoor mine train roller coaster.

Ride this rollicking runaway train that rushes through the gold-mining, Old West town of Tumbleweed in Frontierland. Beware when the rails go clackety-clack because your car’s about to run over treacherous terrain!

Height to ride – 40″ (102cm)

Vehicle capacity – 45

Ride duration – 3:18

Attraction Tickets review – Not really a ride for me I like my Thrill ride’s but my 6 year old loved it.

Splash Mountain At Walt Disney World Resort

Splash Mountain can  be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Frontierland and is log flume ride based on the characters, stories and songs from the 1946 Disney film Song of the South.

The ride has 3 drops before culminating with a 52.5 foot, 5 story drop. If being soaked is your goal, request a seat in the front or sit on the right side of the hollowed-out log.

Height to ride – 40″

Vehicle Capacity – 8

Top Speed – 40 mph

Attraction Tickets Review – A legendary ride that must be ticked off your to do list. Prepare to get wet, because you will.

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin At Magic Kingdom Disney

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin can be found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland and is based on a computer game shoot ’em up. 

Riders can spin their space cruisers in any direction and are rewarded for every enemy they hit, generally with a new noise or special effect. Each hit gains the user points which are tallied for a total score at the end.

Space Ranger Spin  mixes familiar copmputer gaming elements with a multi coloured physical environment to create an amazing new experience that will entertain both young and old.

Height to ride – Any height

Vehicle Capacity – 2-3

Ride Duration – 4:30

Attraction Tickets Review – Totally hated this….. ok fine! The only reason I didn’t like it was because my 5 year old beat me… ok happy now 😉

Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort is one of four parks that encapulates the exciting enchantment of fairy tales with attractions, tours and classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella.

The parks layout and attractions are simlar to Disneyland California at attracted 17.2 Million visitors in 2009 which afforded it the boast of most popular theme park in the world.

Magic Kingdom lists 46 attractions in 7 park Lands. The design is based on a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella Castle, each spoke lead to one of the Lands spread out across the 107 acres of the park.  The Walt Disney World Railroad runs along the perimeter of the park and makes stops at Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland, and Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

The 7 lands are –

  • Main Street USA
    Main Street Vehicles: Horse-Drawn Streetcars · Horseless Carriage · Walt Disney World Railroad
  • Adventureland
    The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management) · Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats · Jungle Cruise · The Magic Carpets of Aladdin · Pirates of the Caribbean · Swiss Family Treehouse
  • Liberty Square
    The Hall of Presidents · Haunted Mansion · Liberty Square Riverboat
  • Frontierland
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad · Country Bear Jamboree · Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade · Splash Mountain · Tom Sawyer Island · Walt Disney World Railroad
  • Tomorrowland –
    Astro Orbitor · Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin · Galaxy Palace Theater · Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor · Space Mountain · Stitch’s Great Escape! · Tomorrowland Arcade · Tomorrowland Indy Speedway · Tomorrowland Transit Authority · Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress · Tomorrowland Stage
  • Fantasyland
    Ariel’s Grotto · The Beast’s Castle (Opening in 2012) · Cinderella Castle · Cinderella’s Chateau (Opening in 2012) · Dumbo the Flying Elephant · Fairytale Garden · “it’s a small world” · The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Adventure (Opening in 2013) · Mad Tea Party · Mickey’s PhilharMagic · Peter Pan’s Flight · Pooh’s Playful Spot · Prince Charming Regal Carrousel · Sleeping Beauty’s Cottage (Opening in 2012) · Snow White’s Scary Adventures · The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ·
  • Mickey’s Toontown Fair
    The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm · Donald’s Boat · Judge’s Tent · Mickey’s Country house · Minnie’s Country House · Toon Park · Toontown Hall of Fame Tent · Walt Disney World Railroad

Interesting Fact: Since opening day, Magic Kingdom has only been closed for five incidents: Hurricane Floyd, the September 11 attacks, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Charley, and Hurricane Wilma