Guide To Islands Of Adventure Universal Orlando

Marvel Super Hero Island

Rides & Attractions:

Incredible Hulk Coaster – This is a steel roller coaster located in Islands of Adventure inOrlando. It is named for the popular comic book super hero character, the Hulk. Voter #1 roller coaster by Discovery channel viewers in 1999.

Riders must be a minimum of 4ft 6in (137cm).

The Amazing Adventures of Spider man – Located in Islands of Adventure. The attraction is a hybrid ride combining special roving motion vehicle’s with 3-D projection, elaborate physical sets, and both practical and tactile effects.

Riders must be a minimum of 3ft 4in (102 cm)

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall – is a pair of S&S Power Space Shot attractions themed after the Fantastic Four.

Riders must be 52 inches (130 cm)

Storm Force Acceleration  – Based on the X-Men comic book stories, Storm Force Acceleration was added toMarvelSuperHeroIslandin 2000. Help on of the X-Men, Storm, defeat the evil Magento as you whirl and twirl in a “spinning power generator”!

There is no height restrictions for this.


Meet Spider-Man and the Marvel Super Heroes – is a meet and greet attraction where guests can meet super heroes. No height restriction.

Toon Lagoon

Rides and Attractions:

Dudley Do-rights Ripsaw Falls– a traditional log flume combined with Roller coaster track based on the old cartoon and movie Dudley Do-Right.

Rider must be a minimum of 3ft 8 in (112cm)

Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges – a river rafting water ride themed after the 1960’s television serious Popeye the Sailor.

Rider must be a minimum 42 inches (110cm)

Me ship, the Olive – a kids playground built around and in Popeye’s ship. The three levels of the ship all contain a variety of interactive elements including cannons and hoses which can further soak riders on Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat barges.

No height restriction.

Mat Hoffmans Aggro Circus – a live seasonal BMX stunt show at the Toon Lagoon Theatre that generally operates during peak seasons, such as spring breaks and summer time.

No height restriction.

Jurassic Park

Rides and Attractions:

Jurassic Park River Adventure – is a water-based amusement ride that is based on Steven Spielburg’s hit film Jurassic Park.

Riders must be 3ft 10in (117cm)

Pteranodon Flyers – is a steel suspended roller coaster. Features three, two seater cars suspended on a track.

Due to low capacity of the ride, only those who are between 36-56 inches (91 and 140cm) or those with a child of that height may ride.

Camp Jurassic– is a children’s play area centered around an imported 50-foot (15m) tall Banyan tree. It features a variety of play elements including slides, nets, water cannons and fountains.

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center– is a large interactive, dinosaur – themed museum based upon the Visitor Center from the film. The museum features large, full sized dinosaur skeletons on display, as well as various games and activities for children.

No height restriction.

Triceratops Discovery Trail – is a walk through attraction where guests can get close up and interact with a full-scale animated replica of a Triceratops.

The Lost Continent 

Rides and Attractions: 

The Eight Voyage of Sinbad – a live-action stunt show located in the Ancient Arabia section.

No height restriction.

Poseidon’s Fury – an indoor special-effects show located in the mythological Greek section.

The Mystic Fountain – a fountain (located in the front of The Eight Voyage Of Sinbad show) that entertains and interacts with guests.

Seuss Landing

Rides and Attractions:

Caro-Seuss-el – is a themed carousel.

The Cat In the Hat – this is a dark ride which takes guest through the Dr. Seuss story of the same name.

No height restriction.

If I ran the zoo – interactive play zone for kids.

One fish Two fish red fish blue fish – a spinning ride with a musical riddle that will help riders escape water-spitting fish.

The high in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride – is a twin-tracked tour above and around Seuss Landing.

Oh, The Stories You’ll hear – a stage show based on the Dr. Seuss books and characters.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Rides and Attractions:

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey – this is a scenic dark ride which utilizes KUKA robocoaster technology, which allows the seats to pivot while being held above the track by a robotic arm.

Height restriction 4ft (122cm)

Dragon Challenge – is a pair of intertwined inverted roller coasters. The ride is themed into two dragons, one side being Chinese Fireball and other Hungarian Horntail.

Height restriction 4ft 6in (137cm)

Flight of the Hippogriff – is a roller coaster and was one of the first attractions to open at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Height restriction 3ft (91cm)

Ollivanders – an interactive experience based on the Harry Potter location Ollivanders.

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