How To Use A SeaWorld EZ Ticket

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Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we offer real, gate ready tickets for the major parks. You don’t have to head to guest services and exchange a voucher for your tickets, you head straight to the turnstiles, scan your tickets and in your go.

You can see what your tickets will look like here – What my Orlando Attraction Tickets look like?

Each park offers different ticket styles, Disney for example offer a plastic RDIF ticket which is the size of a credit card, Universal offer a similar sized ticket which is made out of cardboard if you lose either of these tickets its pretty much hard luck and you’ll have to purchase your tickets again. SeaWorld on the other hand have been busy building an system they call EZ tickets, which allows them to create a .PDF file which contain barcodes that can be emailed and printed off by the customer and used directly at the turnstile! Its the safest way to receive tickets as if they are lost you can just print off another copy.

Here’s how to use our SeaWorld tickets.

1) Print off your SeaWorld Tickets if we haven’t done this for you already.

SeaWorld EZTicket

Your tickets will look like the image above, each ticket holder will have their own ticket with their name printed upon it.

2) When you get to the parks head straight to the turnstile and scan your ticket.

seaworld eticket

3) Hey presto, you’re in the parks.


The tickets can be folded and stored in the same way you would any other ticket type but with the added bonus that if you lose it you can easily replace it. I believe that we’ll see more companies copying this technology in the future with the ultimate goal of tickets being scanned from your mobile phone.

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