‘Incredible’ Celebrations at Hollywood Studios

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Hollywood Studios is definitely the park to watch this year with loads of new attractions opening and of course Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Disney have also announced a limited time event coming to Hollywood Studios next week that will transport guests into the world of The Incredibles.

Beginning on the 18th January Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios will reopen and it has been transformed into a Municberg city block where guests will be able to take part in loads of ‘incredible’ experiences.. see what i did there? 😉

The Edna Mode Experience
It looks as though Edna Mode is heading to Hollywood Studios, and is bringing a pop-up gallery filled with original Super Suit designs, awards, sketches, and more with her. Guests will also get to meet Edna in her own dedicated area! i bet this will be a great meet & greet as Edna has SASS.

Super Shindig dance party
The Community Chair, Bev, will be hosting a special dance party, which is being billed as “the most incredibly interactive party Municiberg’s ever seen”. During this regularly-scheduled dance party guests will be able to learn new dances, play games, and meet popular Incredibles characters like Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone.

Jack-Jack Interactive hunt
Jack-Jack is my favourite character from The Incredibles and he is of course going to be causing mischief during this celebration! Guests will learn that Jack-Jack has gone missing and will need to follow his trail around the street party, looking for evidence and clues related to his powers to find him. It sounds like there will be plenty of interactive surprises looking for him!

No limited time event would be complete without special food and merch would it? A Municiberg Gift popup shop will be the place to go for all your incredible merch and the Neighborhood Bakery will be serving up incredibles themed treats such as a Num Num cooking, Hero Sandwich and Mrs Incredibles mask with cheese…. not really sure on the last one!!

Who’s excited for this? I definitely am!

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