New Interactive Queue For Disney’s Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom Park To Open Soon

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Queuing for rides at theme parks is part and parcel of the experience. We’d all love to be able to just walk up and jump straight on an attraction however unless you’re extremely luckily its highly unlikely this will ever happen.

So, we like it a lot when parks think of ways to speed up or improve  the experience, FastPasses, Queue Jumpers and pre booking your ride are all very good but they do sell out quickly and are limited in the amount that can be sold.

One thing that has become common place is the interactive queue. Designers are going out of their way to make the queue line part of the attraction. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Haunted Mansion are all great example of these. Generally from an interactive queue we’re looking for little Easter Eggs of information, clever use of scenery or something that emerges you further into the World.

On Friday Disney confirmed that they were in the middle of adding an interactive queue to their popular Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom, not only that but they also revealed some sneak peak pictures (see below).



interactive queue


interactive queue1


Guests will soon be able to watch Tinker Bell fly around and interact with Wendy, John and Michael’s toys. They’ll also see their own shadows come alive on the wall in the children’s nursery and get a sprinkle of pixie dust before they head off into Never Land with Peter Pan.

Sounds like a great way to emerge yourself into the world of Never Land while at the same time battling the boredom of queuing!

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