Shouldn’t Have Said That. No More Questions, Don’t Ask Anymore Questions!

Morning Thrill Seekers,

I find having my haircut really boring, its wasted time, I can’t do haircutanything but sit there and hope that the person cutting my hair is interesting enough to engage with, it might sound a little harsh but its the truth… Friday I had my haircut… the person cutting my hair was probably the most interesting “cutter” I’ll ever have and here’s why!

The conversation went like this;

Hairdresser: So what do you do for a living?

Me: I work for Orlando Attraction Tickets we supply customer with theme park tickets for Florida.

Hairdresser: Oh that’s interesting… my brother does a bit of work with Universal.

Me: Oh right, what sort of stuff?

Too be honest I wasn’t quite expecting the reply I got, in my head I was imagining her to say something like “he sells them ice cream” or something even less glamorous. What she said almost caused me to get my ear cut off!!

Hairdresser: Oh works for a 3D and 4D specialist in Soho, who are working on the new Harry Potter ride.


She went on to explain that her brother’s company had already created work for 3 of the Harry Potter films and also the Forbidden Journey ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She mentioned that Universal were so happy with their work on the initial ride that they came straight to them when they decided to create the HOGWARTS EXPRESS RIDE!!!

Me: How interesting…

Hairdresser: Yeah he’s been working on some movie bits that the original cast filmed, i think he said it will be shown inside the train.

Me: That sounds great. I’m there in May 2014 do you think I’ll see it then?

Hairdresser:…. Oh what a shame, I’m sure he said the launch was June 2014.

Holy moly!!! I stumbled on to the most knowledgeable hairdresser in the Wizarding World…. Sadly my hair was then complete and I couldn’t grill her any further but I’ll be sure to be going back there again!!

Hang on the hair cut cost £20.00….not even Harry is worth a £20 haircut



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