Patent Suggests New Disney Ride

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There have been many rumours ‘flying’ around about how Disney are planning to patent a ‘vertical load and launch roller coaster’.

Disney have always been quick to patent loads of idea’s that their clever ‘imagineers’ create. Lots of people have been keeping an eye on what Disney are planning for its next patent which was filed a few years back for a vertical load and launch coaster. Since the U.S Patent and Trademark Office published it back in September it has got everyone’s ears pricked and we are all watching Disney’s every move.

Basically, from what we know, the patent will allow for improvement on existing flying coaster technologies which will be done by adding multi-level loading bays for visitors to enter the ride from different levels. The cart will be stationed vertically making it heaps easier to position yourself ready for the ride.

“The flying roller coaster is a relatively new ride for amusement parks, and ride designers have faced several challenges including how to load and unload the vehicles and then place the passengers/riders in a prone or flying position.”

There are quite a few flying coasters around a great example being Manta at SeaWorld – guests board this coaster by sitting down in a seat, restraint harnesses come down and then the seat is pulled up resulting with it being parallel to the track.


Some issues that have been raised in a snippet from the patent:

First, the loading and unloading positions can be quite uncomfortable as some existing designs require the passengers to lie down in the vehicle. Second, many flying roller coasters have vehicles with complex actuator assemblies that are used to position the vehicles or seats in a flying position after passenger loading is completed. This increases manufacturing and maintenance costs for these rides. Third, all of the passengers load the vehicles or cars of the coaster train from a single station (or single horizontal platform) — such an arrangement fails to provide any privacy for the vehicle passengers during loading and unloading. For example, each passenger has to share the pre-ride experience with a large number of people (i.e., the entire capacity of the train rather than just those in your family or group that may be entering a car or vehicle to experience a ride).

The patent hints at the coaster being launched vertically from the get go. Instead of having to lay down to get in position for a flying coaster ride Disney seem to be re-designing the whole experience. Riders would be required to just sit down in the seat and lean back against the (hopefully a padded) back of the seat. Sounds a lot more comfortable to me than sitting down, being flung forwards or backwards to get in position.

The patent documents also stated that

“Also, the loading can be much more private or intimate for those entering each vehicle as each vehicle is provided its own loading platform,”

There has also been lots of speculation around this new patent such as does this mean a new attraction? Are they going to incorporate it into a existing attraction? Who knows! Unfortunately we are just as much in the dark as you are until Disney officially announces anything.

Disney have not yet announced anything to support the rumours regarding this particular patent and a lot of Disney patents are never acted upon but this idea seems to good to just chuck in a pile don’t you think?

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Did Universal Wake A Sleeping Giant?

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There’s never been a better time to be a theme park fan. It seems like a day doesn’t go by without a new rumour or news breaking about what’s being built next. Its a far cry from ten years ago when the Florida market was totally dominated by the mouse.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney are still the powerhouses in Orlando as last years attendance figures show but competitors have made ground mostly in the shape of Universal Orlando Resort.


Writing this  in the aftermath of the success of recent years it seems funny to write that Universal was once consider a 1 day visit, but a string of successful introductions has helped change peoples perceptions and change Universal into a resort rather than an afterthought.

The major change came with the introduction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal’s runaway success at one point could have been a Disney IP if reports are true. The word on the street is that JK Rowling decided not to work with Disney due to their reluctance to give her final approval. Disney’s loss has vey much been Universal’s gain.

Although not a one trick pony Universal continued their growth by introducing Diagon Alley at Universal Studios, doubling up on their Potter product. The attention to detail at both Wizarding Worlds has set a new standard in theme park theming and now along with Transformers, Minions and the future launch of Skull Island, Universal is easily a 3 day plus option.

Has this new found success though awoken a sleeping giant? In my opinion, for years Disney had it a little too easy, Universal’s new found success is probably something that Disney needed, a little kick in the bottom. Their recent announcements of the planned introduction of a dedicated Star Wars Land and a Toy Story Land while also building Pandora the Avatar Film inspired land shows Disney mean business.


A dedicated Star Wars land is clearly the standout product, with the introduction of the new films, the first set to open at cinema’s in December, a Star Wars Land will appeal to Mum’s, Dad’s and children! Its the perfect trifecta.

Competition is good for everybody and in this case the real winners will be the guests, better attractions, better technology and better value for money. You can purchase Disney Passes at Orlando Attraction Tickets from as little as £262.00 for 2015.

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