Discovery Cove’s Top Attraction’s 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

The top attraction at Discovery Cove for 2016 was a no brainer. Of course it was Dolphin Lagoon. This may have something to do with the once in a life time opportunity to swim with dolphins!

If you opt for the swim package at Discovery Cove you get the incredible experience of meeting, interacting and swimming with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin in Dolphin Lagoon. This will definitely be the highlight of your day and maybe even your whole holiday!

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From the feedback we have received by those of you who have visited Discovery Cove I can see why it has come out on top and put perfectly by one of our customers who recently visited:

” The most wonderful day. Can”t put into words how enjoyable the whole day was. Swimming with the dolphins is just an incredible experience.”

Second Place: Dolphin Swim Experience – Takes place within Dolphin Lagoon – a unforgettable experience!

Third Place: Grand Reef – Snorkel with thousands of fish, rays and sharks in this 2.5 acre tropical world.


Fourth Place: Wind Away River – This is one of the most relaxing things to do when in Orlando – my tip is to grab one of the floats before embarking on your adventure for full relaxation!

Fifth Place: Explorers Aviary – A fantastic opportunity to feed beautiful birds right from the palm of your hands.

I am sooo jealous of anyone who had the chance to visit and swim with dolphins this year but in my opinion you voted a very respectable winner!

Smiles Included..


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Discovery Cove 2013 – already selling out for Easter!


Discovery Cove has always been one of the most exciting and popular attractions in Orlando and as we head into 2013 there are no signs of its popularity dipping! From the early data we have received from Discovery Cove the ‘peak dates’ are already starting to sell out – fast!

If you are travelling or planning to travel over April (Easter) June, July and August you should really consider getting your dates booked up NOW!


April and June are already almost 50% sold out!

You can secure your swims with a deposit!

Orlando Attraction Tickets can help you spread the cost of your Dolphin swims by allowing you to secure your booking with just a 25% deposit – the balance of your order will then be due 8 weeks before you travel. Please see this post for more details: Attraction Ticket Deposits

Remember: Discovery Cove only offers a limited number of entrants per day. Access is restricted to 1000 guests so booking early really is important.

For more information and prices at Discovery Cove just call us on 0845 226 8523 or visit



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There’s more to Discovery Cove than a Dolphin swim

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Discovery Cove celebrates for Dolphin calf born via sperm-sexing 

There’s more to Discovery Cove than a Dolphin swim!

So you really wanted to go to Discovery Cove and swim with the Dolphins but you have left it a little too late and now all the Dolphin swims are sold out! So what now? well, my advice is go to Discovery Cove anyway. There is far more to Discovery Cove than just the swim with the dolphin. In my humble opinion this park could be one of the most underrated in terms of ‘stuff to do’

The Dolphin swims are, of course, a once in a life time thing but remember that this will only last 45 minutes. The rest of the day you would be enjoying the other amazing features of Discovery Cove.

Just check out some of the other exciting things on offer;

The Grand Reef Snorkeling

This really is exciting. The grand reef is home to thousands of tropical fish, from the colorful wrasses to huge spotted eagle rays. You have the chance to snorkel though their amazing habitat as you explore the rock formations that are their home as well as seeing giant rays buried in the sand below. For me, this was one to the biggest treats. Having never snorkeled before you soon get the hang of it. You’re soon exploring everything and the feeling of being up close with some amazing species of fish really is quite breathtaking. Snorkels are provided free of charge!




















The Lazy River

Wind Away River – grab a floater, relax and let the gentle currents of this tropical river carry you through some amazing sights. From the sandy beach you begin your journey through an underwater cave. You’ll drift through waterfalls, dense rain forest and rocky terrains. Stop off half way through at Explorer’s Avery where you’ll be able to meet some amazing tropical birds. This is a truly relaxing yet exciting adventure as you drift along in the crystal clear tropical waters.


























Fresh Water Oasis

I was lucky enough to be one of the first through the doors to visit Fresh water Oasis. Designed with a rainforest canopy above and sparkling-clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical vibe. You can relax and explore. You’ll wade, wonder, and float in the water-filled trails. Freshwater Oasis, an all-new attraction featuring wading adventures and face-to-face encounters with playful otters and curious marmosets.

























You will also have a choice of white sandy beach to while away your day.

Even with all these other features don’t forget that your day at Discovery Cove is all inclusive. This includes food, beverages (including beer and wine) soft drinks, snacks, wet suits and snorkels.

So the next time you try to book Discovery Cove and its all sold out, for the price of a Non Swim experience, you are not just getting a great experince, but real value for money.

Top 5 Discovery Cove benefits

  • All inclusive food and beverages
  • Free snorkels
  • Free wetsuit use
  • Not over crowded (park is restricted to 1000 per day)
  • Choice of experiences to suit all


For more information on ticket prices please visit Orlando Attraction Tickets

and remember…there’s more to Discovery Cove than a Dolphin swim 🙂




Orlando Attraction Tickets

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