Things To Do While Queuing At Orlando Theme Parks

Theme Parks are brilliant but they do have one major let down for me the worst part about Orlando Theme Parks is the queuing, here at orlando attraction tickets we’ve put together our list of top tips for things to do while queuing.

  • Listen to music, if you’ve got your MP3 with you music will help pass the time. Perhaps make yourself a thrill ride play list?
  • Mobile games, although they are a bit of a battery killer something like angry birds can help while away an hour very quickly.
  • Disney’s Hidden Mickey’s, look out for the hidden Mickey’s scattered around the Disney parks and tick them off.
  • People Watch, come on we all do it, you’ve in queue with thousands of people! Try games like, guess the nationality, first person to spot a person over 6’4″ etc
  • Themed Queues, hey! not all the queue’s are boring, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter‘s queue is almost an attraction in itself.
  • Talk to people, Yeah I know… its a bit out there… but you can actually speak to people 🙂 All the people queuing are in the same boat as you, trying sparking up some conversation!?

Can you think of any others?

Have you tried any of the above?

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