Top Selling Tickets On Orlando Attraction Tickets In June

Morning Thrill Seekers,

June is notoriously busy in the world of Orlando Attraction Ticketsticketbundlesin 2012 June was our busiest month and to date June 2013 has followed this trend.

Its easy to see why, although the culture of leaving everything to the last minute has worked in other industries when it comes to Theme Park tickets people wisely don’t leave it too late. Although we are pretty fast with our delivery (see the Orlando Attraction Tickets reviews for an example) and we hold £1000’s of pounds worth of stock the last thing you need before your big Orlando holiday is a panic about if your tickets are going to reach you in time. So June seems to be the month that most July and August holidaymakers set about purchasing their tickets.

Here is a list of our top 10 most purchased tickets in June 2013

  1. The Orlando Passport; constantly our most popular ticket, it covers Disney, Universal and SeaWorld parks.
  2. Our Disney Universal Switch Ticket; the launch of Transformers the ride 3D has made Universal hot property again.
  3. Walt Disney World 14 Day Ultimate Ticket; there’s a reason Disney has the most popular parks in Orlando…
  4. Universal 2 Park Bonus Ticket; Harry Potter, Transformers and Spider-Man… what more could you want?
  5. Discovery Cove Ultimate Ticket; there’s a massive reason we sold out of our allocation for Discovery for both July and August! Probably my favourite park in Orlando, its still a tropical paradise.
  6. 3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens Ticket; always a popular ticket, the SeaWorld owned parks offer something for everyone, amazing shows at SeaWorld, amazing Thrill Rides at Busch Gardens and amazing water rides at Aquatica.
  7. 2 Park Bonus Halloween Horror Nights Ticket; a new offering in June, and one thats proved pretty popular. Universal are the original mack daddies of themed horror nights and as Halloween becomes more popular in the UK, Universals nights become even more popular.
  8. Disney SeaWorld Switch Ticket; SeaWorlds launch of Antarctica really got people talking and helped push sales, read our review of the new attraction here.
  9. Orlando FlexTicket; 5 parks, 1 ticket…
  10. Kids Eat Free Card; £10.00 for something that pays for itself in one sitting!

July has started off like a steam train and so we’re expecting another busy month… thats the only thing about working for OAT, I get #TicketEnvy 🙂



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