Universal Halloween Horror Nights Reveals Walking Dead House And Street Experience

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Universal’s social push for Halloween Horror Nights continued this week as they asked their facebook pals to vote on the next reveal. A comment would see them announce a street experience and a like would see them introduce a new house.

Well as you can imagine, the likes won, as its easier to click the facebook thumb than to write a comment. 5064 people clicked the like button with 647 people leaving a comment.

This prompted Universal to leave this cryptic clue about the next house.

cryptic clue

This prompted many comments guessing what the clue could mean…

Then at 15:30 UK time we got this….

walking dead house

You may have escaped once…but not again.
AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to HHN with a new haunted house that will place YOU at the heart of the prison and into the town of Woodbury.

The big news however was that Universal have decided that The Walking Dead will also be the whole Street Experience.

And we thought we’d go ahead and reveal the street experience too. For the first time ever, we’re dedicating the entire HHN street experience to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Around every corner you will encounter iconic scenes from all 3 seasons of the show, while trying to avoid blood-thirsty walkers.

So what do you think of Universal’s announcement, has it got you excited, scared or something else?

Screams included…


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