Which Types Of Footwear Are Best For Orlando Theme Parks?

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we are prepared to go that extraloads of shoes mile to make sure you smile (part time rapper). So today I’m happy to tell you we’ve finally solved one of the most important questions in the history of theme parks…. Which types of footwear are best for Orlando Theme Parks?… I know exciting huh!?

Our tests took part at Universal Studio’s and Islands of Adventure in May of this year, our intrepid pioneer was www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk staff member Kelly, her mission, to wear each of the following shoe styles for 1 hour throughout the day, Flip Flops/sandals, Trainers, Croc’s and High Heels!

As you can imagine it was a gruelling task, mostly trying to convince our fashion conscious 20 somthing to put on Croc’s but we managed it and here are our findings.

High Heels

We started with this one first assuming that this would be the least comfortable. The heels were approximately 3 inches in height and strapless. Kelly also wanted me to point out they are red and from some posh shop in London…

Conclusion: This won’t really be a shock but high heels were not the best for walking around a theme park. Kelly had issues keeping up with the rest of the group and complained about her feet being sore and hot. Also after one near shoe loss experience on The Hulk Ride she had to remove her high heels on every ride.

OAT Score: 2/10 It managed to get 2 out of 10 because Kelly loved them so much.


Kelly couldn’t have been anymore despondent about wearing them.

Conclusion: Although she moaned initially, Kelly didn’t have the same issues as before, she was able to keep up with the group and found the open style design to be of benefit as her feet stayed cool. She had a brief issue with the Crocs rubbing her heel but after someone pointed out this could be altered it was plain sailing. She didn’t have to remove her shoes for any of the rides and never felt like they would fall off.

OAT Score: 8/10 Kelly marked it down for style points, but as far as theme park use was concerned it did the job well.

Flip Flops/Sandals 

The Flip Flops we used were the usual kind, open with no straps.

Conclusion: Kelly had no problem keeping up with the group however after a while she did complain that the inside of her big toe was beginning to hurt and she summarised that further wearing may have given her blisters. While riding coasters she did state that she felt they would fall off and therefore removed them. The big plus was that her feet stayed totally cool.

OAT Score: 6/10 Kelly felt that they had potential but would have prefered a Gladiator Sandal to help secure them.


The trainers Kelly wore are very popular at the moment and were white. The name rhymes with Longverse…

Conclusion: Kelly easily kept up with the group and at times was actually at the front. She had no issues on the coasters and felt much happier.

OAT Score: 9/10 Would have been 10 but Kelly felt that they had the possibility to make her feet very hot but she did state that these were the comfiest to wear  and importantly (to her) she thought they looked cool.

So there we have it, our totally scientific experiment has proven that Trainers are the best footwear to use while walking around theme parks with Croc’s a close second.

For clarity, I can confirm we did also try bare feet but we only managed 5 mins before a member of staff advised us to put our shoes back on.

What do you think about our findings here?

What footwear do you prefer?

Smiles included…


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