Universal’s Halloween Horror Reveal Details Of First House

Morning Thrill Seekers,

The Daddies of specialist Halloween nights are at it again!

This year will see Universal Orlando host their 23rd Halloween Horror Night and as with every year we’ve been trying to guess their theme.

Last year had a “Walking Dead” theme which was truly frightening, so we’ve been waiting to see what they’ll come up with. Last night Universal revealed details of one of the houses and here’s how they did it via social media.

Firstly they posted this picture;

500 shares HHN

The caption read

Can you see what’s there? If this photo gets 500 SHARES, we will post a more clear view of a clue to the first house of HHN 23.

The image ended up being shared a total of 1474!!

True to their word Universal then posted this picture…

I dare you HHN

Not much clearer, but within the description Universal quoted the following;

“I dare you…”

More to come before midnight…

Facebook went berserk with guesses of what the theme could be based on what everyone assumed was a quote from a film.

The 3rd image was a little less blurry;

do NOT read Latin HHN

And simply read

“Do NOT read the Latin!”

Then finally just before midnight they released this image;


With no comment, but no one need it…..

The first house revealed for Halloween Horror Nights is…

HHN Cabin in the woods

My excitement levels just hit the roof….

You can purchase Halloween Horror Night tickets from Orlando Attraction Tickets where we offer;

Other rumoured houses include (but have not be verified), The Evil Dead, Insidious and a Scream house!

What would you like to see at Halloween Horror Nights?

Screams included,


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