What Does It Take To Be A Halloween Horror Nights Scare Actor

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With Halloween Horror Nights just around the corner its interesting to see Universal step up their marketing. Last week we saw the new video for The Walking Dead at HHN25 and before that the confirmation of Insidious.


Last year at HHN24 The Walking Dead house, that I had to pleasure/mispleasure of experiencing live, boasted the largest amount of scare actors ever used at Universal Orlando, it truly was a sight to behold. Their Aliens Vs Predator House also had a boast of its own with it scare actors, who played the role of the Predator required to be 6’7″ or taller!!

So what requirements do you Universal need for the perfect Scare Actor, well today’s roll call might just give us a clue.

What stands out for me is the lack of really good female scare rolls. The first requirement stated is

Male candidates 6’3” and up in height with medium to athletic builds

Only 5% of adults in America are over 6’2″ so Universal are appealing to a very small demographic here.


However if you aren’t over 6’2″ or male, there is still a requirement for your services.

Female and Male candidates of all sizes and looks

If you fall into the tall, male category Universal ask you to email them directly at auditions@universalorlando.com, if like me, you don’t. Then Universal ask you to apply for an audition via a link to schedule an appointment – https://www.schedapple.com/appointment/10319 .

Following the link also gives you an option that’s quite interesting; Drummers and percussionists , Hmmm… What could Universal require drummers and percussionists for?

There’s also something for those interested in getting involved but  don’t fancy being a scare actor.

If you want to be a part of Halloween Horror Nights, but scaring or drumming isn’t your thing, no worries! You can also apply to be a Haunted House/Show Attendant. In this role you will help our guests experience the terrifying haunted houses, scare zones, and streets.

One interesting point unrelated to HHN25 but within the same article, Universal want Drummers for something else.

BONUS: Not for Halloween Horror Nights, but we’re also looking for bold, dynamic, and dexterous Drummers and Percussionists for a new entertainment offering

Hmmm…. again what could this be? Tickets for Universal Halloween Horror Nights are still available from Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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