What Will Universal Do With The 60 Acres They Own Behind Islands Of Adventure

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We’ve all pretty much been caught up in the Wizarding World of UniversalThemeParksHarry Potter Diagon Alley hype and who can blame us! The thought of a new ride at Gringotts or eating at the Leaky Cauldron has got us all eager to book a trip to Orlando.

Thinking back to the furore that surrounded the initial opening back in 2010 we’re predicting the next phase will even surpass that!  Universal have invested heavily in the Potter franchise and will reap the rewards for many years to come, possible next projects include an upgrade for the Jurassic Park land but then what?

Universal have approximately 60 acres worth of land just behind Islands of Adventure, we’ve been hearing rumours all year that perhaps their next big project could be a new theme park in today’s post we’ll be discussing what they might do.

Water Park

This rumour doesn’t seem to want to go away, even though Universal now own Wet N’ Wild out right the feeling out there is that Universal may well build a water park in the spare 60 acres. A water park does seem to fit in nicely and would offer something different than the 2 other parks on the Universal lot.

Kiddies Park

Universal has the image of being aimed at teenagers and this leaves a large market devoted to Disney, could Universal be looking to build a kiddie friendly theme park to compete for that age bracket (3-9)?

Lord of the Rings

Early this year we reported on the idea of Middle Earth being turned into a Land rumour has it that both Universal and Disney are interested in taking advantage of the very popular Tolkien World however as the story goes J.R. Tolkien and Walt Disney didn’t get on so perhaps Universal are in the driving seat to obtain the rights from the Tolkien family to build a theme park?

More Potter

If its working why not invest more!? Although we don’t really think this is a viable project we thought we better include it. Potter brings in so much business to Universal I think we’d be stupid not to.

In reality it doesn’t really make sense though, as Universal have already invested Millions of Dollars on Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios what other parts of the Wizarding World are left that would fill up an entire park?

Whatever they decide we’ve been told on the “hush hush” that Universal are looking at a 2018 launch….

What would you like to see Universal add?

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