Which Halloween Horror Nights House Is The Scariest?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I have literally just touched downtown from three amazing days in Orlando as I battle against jet lag I thought it might be an opportune moment to write a little something about my first visit to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Florida’s number one scare event.

My group and I got to the park (Universal Studios) at around six pm, we stayed at the brilliantly themed Cabana Bay Hotel which offers free shuttle bus transfers straight to CityWalk. We were very lucky to have arranged for us a V.I.P tour which is cleverly renamed R.I.P tour for Halloween Horror Nights, these tours are available to anyone and can be purchased directly from the park after you’ve bought your admission tickets.

We started off the tour by watching the very entertaining Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure a very funny and naughty show which takes a shot at the celeb culture we live in and some cheeky wristband gags at the expense of a nearby mouse. After we’d had a good laugh it was time to head to House number 1, Aliens Vs Predator.

To get there we had to walk through a couple of scare zones. Scare Zones are areas of the park that are sectioned off and themed. You can tell you’re entering a Scare Zone not only by the signs but also the lighting, it becomes eerily darker. The first Scare Zone we walked through was Face Off, based on the U.S. reality series. As you walk through the crowds in each scare zone random creatures will jump out at you.

An OAT tip is don’t let the creatures spot you taking a photo, the amount of times I took a photo of one Face Off masterpiece only to turn around and have the bejesus scared out of me by a waiting fiend easily hit double figures.

The second Scare Zone we walked through was Bayou of Blood, based around New Orleans Cannibals, this area offered loads of jumps and I was happy to get through it, now on to the houses…

Aliens Vs Predator 

The attention to detail in this house was amazing, aliens busting out of everywhere and the crazily tall and intimidating Predator made me want to run through the excellently designed spaceship. We made our way around in single file not knowing what to expect. For our first house it set the tone perfectly.


Dusk ’til Dawn

A sexy, terrifying house full of lap dancing Vampires. Made me jump a few times as we walked through the Twister Bar and into the Vampires home.  I didn’t find this one particular scary but it was indeed a feast to behold.

dusk til dawn

Dracula Untold

Based on Universal’s new film, Dracula Untold tells the story of Vlad the Impaler and how he came to be the Legend that is Dracula. Walking through the house you find yourself in a medieval village full of dark alley ways where monsters dwell. Quite a few jumps in this one also.


The Walking Dead

Very close to being the scariest house at Halloween Horror Nights. Based on the popular comic book and TV series this house was easily the biggest featuring over 50 cast members (zombies) and double the normal amount of rooms to walk through.

The scare actors produced some excellent performances and the addition of some full on strobe lighting make this house at total screamfest. At one point you have to walk through a room packed with Zombies all of which are evading your personal space… my fight or flight instinct was turned to full on FLIGHT!

walking dead house

Dollhouse of the Damned

I might have mentioned to our RIP guide before we set off that the idea of this house gave me the heebie jeebies and so being the kind soul she was she made me lead the group through this house.

This house freaked me out, it still isn’t top of my list but it put me on edge. The thing that stuck out most for me was the giant babies and the smell of baby powder…. weird.



By far the most scary house at HHN24… the house was a walk through of the original film and featured multiple Michael Myers! At one point you have to walk through a narrow corridor with 4 Michael Myers’s standing in row. You instinctively know that 1 of the 4 is real, the other 3 are just manikins but which is it… I swear they all know when they’re just leaving your peripheral vision before they make their move!

If there hadn’t been people in front of me I may well have run through the entire house just to escape!


We finished off our tour walking through the Purge scarezone full of chainsaw wielding maniacs and a human auction again acted superbly by the Universal scare actors.



My first taste of Halloween Horror Nights left me thirsting for more. A brilliant experience and one I would wholly recommend but only if your over 13…

A big thank you to Universal for inviting me, I’ll never be the same 🙂

Screams well and truly included…




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