Could The New SeaWorld Orlando Coaster Be Called Mako?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

A few weeks ago SeaWorld sent out a media email hinting at a new coaster they had planned for 2016. Apart from the hint that it will be long, fast and tall SeaWorld are playing their cards very close to their chest however…

That hasn’t stopped the internet from popping on its deerstalker, lighting up its pipe and getting its Sherlock Holmes on… and what have we found. Well if this Trademark application is anything to go by we might have found the name!?



Why Mako?

Well a Mako is a type of Shark, it’s also sometimes called a Blue Pointer which works well as SeaWorld’s corporate colour is blue.

Why I like it

The Mako is the fastest of its species, reaching speeds of up to 60 mph, which fits very well with SeaWorld’s hashtag #NothingFaster which seems to feature heavily in its marketing. Also the Mako is a leaping Shark, when you see pictures of Sharks leaping out of the water it’s usually a Mako, which again fits in with SeaWorld’s claim that it will be tall (over 200 feet tall) and obviously it’s a Shark… is there a more terrifying animal in the sea’s?


The name Mako, isn’t set in stone though, theme parks often buy up trademarks and never actually use them. A great example of this was when Busch Gardens launched Cheetah Hunt, for months people expected the name to Cheetaka due to a very similar trademark application, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

EDIT: One more thing that might hint towards the new Coaster being called Mako… try typing in

However as names go, I like it. What do you think?

Smiles included..



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