SeaWorld’s TurtleTrek dome nears completion – take a sneaky peek inside!

The colourfully decorated construction walls are still up hiding SeaWorld’s newest attraction ‘Turtle Trek’ There are murals featuring tropical fish and turtle graphics which lend promise a new attraction in a corner of SeaWorld that is often overlooked.

TurtleTrek is a “world’s first” a new exhibit, with a signature 3-D movie presented in a domed theatre. In a constant effort to offer visitors the best experience possible  SeaWorld believes that the new TurtleTrek 3-D experience will make quite a splash.

The project has advanced in a big way this week with the completion of the dome screens.  Seen below is the last piece being installed.  Remember, TurtleTrek, opening this spring, is going to be the world’s first 3D, 360 domed theatre experience.  So it’s kind of a big deal when the screens are all in so we can start loading in the movie and begin the testing phase.


TurtleTrek is a one-of-its-kind attraction that can only come from SeaWorld, bringing guests close to sea turtles and manatees then immersing them in a sea turtle’s epic journey with the world’s first 3-D, 360-degree movie in a domed theatre. SeaWorld guests experience a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders and are inspired to be everyday heroes who can make a difference in nature.

Designers married a state-of-the art animated film and powerful stereoscopic 3D projection system with a fully domed theater, allowing for a seamless 3-D virtual environment, all around the guests, even over their heads!

The dome itself is 32-feet tall and64 feetin diameter, making the movie visuals massive in this space as you stand watching the turtle and other sea creatures come alive on the screens.

It took more than five weeks for the panels to be installed because each panel was measured and cut after the previous panel was installed.  This effectively means that every panel is precise for each individual location on the dome.

As mentioned above this exciting new edition to SeaWorld is planned to open in the spring. We’ll keep you posted with updates as they are released…and of course, that all important opening day!

Let me know what you think so far, will you make time to check it out this summer?

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Episode 1 of the SeaWorld TurtleTrek Experience

SeaWorld today launched the first of their “webisodes” about the different aspects of TurtleTrek, opening this spring at SeaWorld Orlando.  This video will give you an insider’s look into how this amazing attraction will come to life.

Remember, TurtleTrek is going to be the world’s first 3D, 360-degree domed theater experience that takes you on a sea turtle’s incredible journey and invites you to become an everyday hero.

SeaWorld Switch From Pepsi To Coke

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment have followed the other two major Orlando Theme Parks and ditch Pepsi to signed a 10 year deal with Coke to offer their beverages at all SeaWorld owned parks in the U.S.

SeaWorld’s deal with the drink giant not only includes selling Coke products at their parks, but also consumer promotions and sponsorships.

Financial details of the agreement have not been confirmed, however Jim Atchison, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s president and chief executive officer, released a statement stating,

The Coca-Cola Company’s exceptional beverage brands, significant global reach and, most importantly, inspiring commitment to global citizenship will make for extraordinary joint programs. Our two companies share a like-minded mission to make a positive difference in the world and we are thrilled at the endless possibilities to create new products and programs that will benefit our guests, our communities and the natural world.

SeaWorld Orlando Announces Major Attractions 2012/2013


  • · TurtleTrek: Nose-to-nose animal encounters and state-of-the-art entertainment opening at SeaWorld Orlando Spring 2012
  • · Freshwater Oasis: All new tropical rainforest attraction at Discovery Cove, featuring playful otters and curious marmoset monkeys, opening Spring 2012
  • · Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin: The coldest theme park attraction in the world to take to the ice at SeaWorld Orlando 2013

Guests to SeaWorld and Discovery Cove in Orlando will soon be able to embark on a journey of a lifetime through the eyes of some of the world’s most charismatic animals, from the deepest corners of the sea, to the lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon and onto the coldest continent on earth.

TurtleTrek… Hatching at SeaWorld Orlando

Using new technology, TurtleTrek gets guests closer than ever before to the lives of one of the worlds’ best loved and most vulnerable reptiles – the sea turtle.

This visual conservation experience allows guests to learn more about the plight of the sea turtle and the incredible life journey they take from hatching on a beach and making the mad dash to open waters, to the dangers and hazards they face as they mature and return to the very same beach to lay their own eggs, their tales of life underwater have in the past been impossible to show – until now.

Coming to life in front of the guests is a first-of-its-kind 3-D and 360-degree dome theatre that is completely immersive. Guests will experience a 360º view of the film, from above and all around, where they will be given a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders.

Back in the real world, visitors can get up-close to the sea turtle at two extensive habitats next to the dome, one saltwater area which will also house more than 1,500 fish and over a dozen sea turtles, and the other a freshwater habitat where guests can discover hundreds of freshwater fish and gentle manatees.

Many of the manatees and sea turtles were rescued by the park’s animal team. Since SeaWorld Orlando’s rescue programs began, the team has cared for and returned to the wild nearly 240 manatees and more than 1,200 sea turtles.

Freshwater Oasis… Otterly Fresh New Area at Discovery Cove, Orlando

Opening at Discovery Cove in spring 2012 is Freshwater Oasis, an all-new attraction featuring swimming and wading adventures and face-to-face encounters with playful otters and curious marmosets.

Designed with a rainforest canopy above and sparkling clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical vibe.

All of the family can experience this tropical setting, with most of the water at waist height and various levels of exploration where they can wade, swim and float in the water-filled trails and discover marmosets and Asian otters.

For a spot of après-animal exploration guests can soak up the Orlando sunshine in the warm waters in the In-Water Relaxation Station, a secluded pool including comfy in-water chairs.

Freshwater Oasis is included with admission to Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive tropical getaway where guests can swim with dolphins, hand-feed tropical birds in a free-flight aviary, snorkel among thousands of colourful fish and rays and relax on pristine white sandy beaches.

Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin… Subzero at SeaWorld Orlando for 2013

Never has there been a theme park so cold – until now. Spring 2013 sees the launch of SeaWorld Orlando’s most incredible attraction, Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin.

Explore the frozen wildernesses of the Antarctica through the eyes of the world’s most loved bird – the penguin.

Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin will take guests on a journey like no other to the coldest and most barren place on earth with a state-of-the-artinteractive ride combined with an animal attraction.

More details to follow…. for now it’s on ice.

Help Name Baby Killer Whale At SeaWorld Orlando

As we reported on our Baby Killer Whale Born At SeaWorld and Its A Boy – SeaWorld Reveals Sex of Killer Whale posts, SeaWorld have a new Killer Whale to name and what better way then to allow us, the public, to help name it.

We consider each of you to be part of our family. And that’s why we want to share a special moment with you – choosing the name for our new baby killer whale.

The little guy – born on October 9 – is getting bigger by the day. Fully grown, he’ll tip the scales at 10,000 lbs.

The names you can pick from are

  1. Nico – Greek for “victory of the people”
  2. Makaio – Hawaiian for “gift of God”
  3. Haruki – Japanese for “shining brightly”

The only way to vote is to visit the SeaWorld fan page on facebook. Personally I’m voting for Nico, reminds me of that Steven Seagal film.