Smiles Included Is Now An Orlando Attraction Tickets Trademark

Morning Thrill Seekers,

We relaunched our logo and tagline back in October 2012 after some oat-smile-greenserious brain storming sessions. Orlando Attraction Tickets is owned and operated by U.S. Rent A Car a veteran of the USA car hire industry, car rental is a very different animal to Theme Park tickets, some would say less glamorous (me being one of them). So the chance to work on the sexier side of travel was a chance most of us leapt at.

Don’t get me wrong we have some very passionate people here who love car hire and can easily talk about it all day but as die hard as you are, it doesn’t come close to the excitement of thrilling roller coasters, amazing shows and awesome water parks.

So we decided we wanted a tagline that summed up the excitement of heading to Florida and hitting those theme parks. We came up with lots of ideas “ticket to ride“, “real excitement, real tickets“, “No.1 for Thrills”…. they weren’t all winners…

What we finally came down to was what emotional and physical response do we get from attraction tickets, and it was simple, emotionally we love it and physically we smile 🙂

What we went on to realise is that the smile doesn’t just take place at the theme parks, you smile while you’re booking your tickets because you’ve getting a great deal, you smile when the envelope containing your tickets hits your door mat and of course you smile the most when you use your tickets….Smiles included!

So we are delighted to announce that after what felt like a long time coming, Smiles included is now a trademark registered to Orlando Attraction Tickets.

Smiles included®



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