Friday Florida Theme Park Round Up

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As weeks go this one has been pretty light on theme park news, there have been a couple of things going on that although news worth they weren’t enough to fill an entire post, so I thought what I’d do is offer this post as a roundup of what’s happening, happened or rumoured.

First up is LEGOLAND Florida, who this week re-opened Cypress Gardens renowned Florida shaped swimming pool and Oriental Gardens.

The pool was constructed in the 50’s for the film “Easy to Love” but had been closed to the public for a number of years, that was until LEGOLAND moved in and began its restoration plan.


The Oriental Gardens is a place for reflection and contemplation, as per the name it has an Oriental flavour including Buddhas and bamboo elements. LEGOLAND are expected to add additional LEGO characters to the gardens to entertain the children.

oriental gardens

A rumour that just won’t go away is that Universal Orlando are looking to add a version of the King Kong ride possibly to Islands of Adventure. Fuel was further added by Parkscope who got this anonymous tip off showing Universal have submitted a permit for sitework to begin on project 340 which has been bandied around as the working name of a new King Kong ride.

king kong

We mentioned the Polercoaster back in November but since then talk has been pretty quiet. That changed this week when reports came out that the Polercoaster is going for the record.. yup it wants to be the Worlds tallest Roller Coaster at a staggering, 570 feet high. For perspective that would make it almost 3 times taller than Busch Gardens SheiKra…

Where the Polercoaster is going to be is still to be revealed, but theme park insiders are stating that the cost to build and maintain such a beast is so much that only one of the major parks could include it and still make money.



So there we have it, LEGOLAND, Universal and a Polercoaster make this weeks Friday Florida Theme Park round up.

Smiles included…



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